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  • The Worship Pastor Throw DownThe Worship Pastor Throw Down
    Funny! May the best worship leader win! Seth and Trace from Granger Community Church have a vocal throw down to see who earns the right to lead worship.inspiredfaith2010-10-02T02:27:1810,426 views00:02:40
  • The ManslaterThe Manslater
    Good communication is the lifeline to a good and healthy marriage. But why do so many couples struggle with it? This funny video is a wonderful reminder for married couples to focus on how to communicate lovingly and effectively to each other. And...inspiredfaith2011-02-10T01:00:44170,942 views00:02:51
  • Go - Hillsong United [Official Music Video]Go - Hillsong United [Official Music Video]
    From the new album Aftermath.hillsong-united2011-02-15T19:21:2371,133 views00:03:43
  • BaggageBaggage
    We all carry baggage... and there's only one way to deal with it. Created for the re: cover series at

    inspiredfaith2011-03-04T12:32:1750,501 views00:02:25
  • Skit Guys - The BirdcageSkit Guys - The Birdcage
    Download this video at This skit is a classic and moving illustration of God’s love for mankind.skitguys2011-03-04T15:37:06115,943 views00:04:00
  • Brad Stine suffers road sign overdoseBrad Stine suffers road sign overdose
    High-energy comedian Brad Stine visits Virginia and finds the number and kinds of road signs more than bewildering in this short clip. For additional information on Brad Stine visit thegrablegroup2012-05-09T06:41:0213,444 views00:03:38
  • Stuff Christians Say Stuff Christians Say
    All in good fun, Tripp and Tyler showcase a variety of funny, yet common Christian verbiage. :) You will definitely get a laugh out of this one today! Download here: worshiphousemedia2012-10-19T14:24:07381,876 views00:02:12
  • Skit Guys - The Skinny on the BibleSkit Guys - The Skinny on the Bible
    Download this video at! At the center of our faith is a book that tells the story of God and his activity in the lives of men and women throughout history��yet everyone seems to have their own unique perspective on it.skitguys2010-10-02T02:03:5912,144 views00:04:11
  • Thor Ramsey: Have a Twinkie for JesusThor Ramsey: Have a Twinkie for Jesus
    Christian comedian Thor Ramsey explains why Christians should live life a bit and step out on faith to enjoy a creme-filled yellow snack cake that was one of the central plot devices in the Woody Haralson cult comedy movie “Zombieland.” For addit...thegrablegroup2012-05-27T22:09:044,915 views00:00:46
  • IndivisibleIndivisible
    Indivisible The true story of Senator John McCain's internment in a prison camp during the Vietnam War.,343 views00:04:13