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  • Faith to Raise the DeadFaith to Raise the Dead
    It takes the same faith to raise one as it does to raise the entire population of heaven in the First Resurrection... The Lord Jesus told me to openly profess my faith. This is that profession.kathyhaupt2015-03-14T01:29:03287 views00:11:59
  • FreeFree
    God has set America free from her oppressors!kathyhaupt2015-03-06T20:04:053,172 views00:04:33
  • Marriage Supper Of The LambMarriage Supper Of The Lamb
    Wedding Time! Followed by Marriage Supper of the Lamb...kathyhaupt2015-02-14T20:19:06328 views00:01:17
  • Message for Jen...Message for Jen...
    Well, Jen... this is a first... you must rate in his book! :) God asked me to make this for you and try to make it understandable... I did not write a script on this before I recorded it, and there a couple of flaws in the presentation but the L...kathyhaupt2015-02-02T22:24:05554 views00:09:46
  • Restoring HonorRestoring Honor
    The Lord is in a rambunctious mood this evening and has been telling me to put these little videos together for him. Time is short...

    (Revelation 1:1-3)
    kathyhaupt2015-01-29T05:29:05424 views00:00:36
  • Ring of FireRing of Fire
    Jesus told me he had fun putting this one together... all I did was follow his instructions!kathyhaupt2015-01-29T04:24:06518 views00:01:00
  • 2014 October 16 - God Update2014 October 16 - God Update
    2014 October 16 - God Updatekathyhaupt2014-11-09T18:14:04263 views00:12:38
  • Campaign to Save San Pedro's Ports O'CallCampaign to Save San Pedro's Ports O'Call
    Campaign to Save San Pedro’s Ports O’Call by restoring its original New England charm…

    San Pedro Unite!

    Do not let developers steal the heritage of this town, especially this little corner of the world that is the onl...
    kathyhaupt2014-11-08T08:29:05730 views00:08:17
  • Hallelujah Red Letter VersionHallelujah Red Letter Version
    What God has to say to Leonard Cohen... and the rest of us.kathyhaupt2014-10-29T20:24:06370 views00:06:55
  • Second Coming of Jesus ChristSecond Coming of Jesus Christ
    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back in 2014 and he has had me prepare this video for you to explain why, what to expect, when these things will happen and so forth. Further information is available at jesuscalltofreedom.com. kathyhaupt2014-10-29T20:19:09864 views00:13:00
  • United Nations Is GoneUnited Nations Is Gone
    The Lord took me for a walk on Friday just after the noon hour. On the way back, he told me to get my recorder and come sit under a beautiful tree with a nice brick planter wall around it... great place to sit. I had no idea what he wanted to te...kathyhaupt2014-10-29T20:04:06233 views00:08:24
  • The White Ribbon of DestinyThe White Ribbon of Destiny
    God is working through his Remnant and this video illustrates fulfillment of his prophecies. The Lord is speaking to his people through his prophets. God is Restoring Honor to America!kathyhaupt2014-10-29T18:04:09256 views00:17:06