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  • Precious Lord - Brendan MacFarlanePrecious Lord - Brendan MacFarlane
    It’s not every day that you hear such an incredible voice coming from such a young child, like Brendan MacFarlane. Not only does he have unbelievable talent, he obviously has a big heart for the Lord. Praise God for Brendan! Be sure to support ...brendanmacfarlane2011-04-27T12:10:2842,348 views00:02:03
  • Tribute to Captain Scotty SmileyTribute to Captain Scotty Smiley
    Not only is the Scotty Smiley story one of courage and hope in God, it is also a story of living out the life God has intended for us regardless of our circumstance. Scotty does not allow his blindness to hold him back in any way. Watch this heart...flack0072011-05-19T14:08:2518,091 views00:08:48
  • The Top 10 Guiltiest Dogs on the Internet! Adorable! :)The Top 10 Guiltiest Dogs on the Internet! Adorable! :)
    These adorable dogs can't hide their guilt when they know they deserve the "doghouse." You will love their cute reactions when confronted by their owners! :)godtube-animals2012-10-24T16:09:09265,652 views00:04:02
  • The Kindness Effect - It's Contagious!The Kindness Effect - It's Contagious!
    At the heart of every act of kindness is God. God is love. Show someone love today to show them the love of our Savior. :)keephopealive2012-11-07T21:04:06106,047 views00:05:44
  • Witnesses Saw Angels Pull People Out of a Horrific Car CrashWitnesses Saw Angels Pull People Out of a Horrific Car Crash
    This story can only be explained as a miracle of God! Four different people witnessed angels pulling people from a terrible car crash. This amazing story is a testament that God really does do miracles, even to this day!keephopealive2013-04-08T15:54:04162,679 views00:06:19