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  • Kaliwanagan – Miles Away (Acoustic Version)Kaliwanagan – Miles Away (Acoustic Version)
    Miles away, the lights are fading
    I can feel the darkness closing in
    Miles away, my eyes are failing
    I can barely see the road ahead

    Do you know where you're going?
    Do you know where you're now?
    Do you know what...
    kaliwanagan2016-12-04T13:14:1845 views00:04:11
  • Don't You Dare/The Fellowship AnthemDon't You Dare/The Fellowship Anthem
    I still remember when we first met
    Your eyes were wide as the sky could get
    You sung songs like there was no guarantee that tomorrow won't leave us regrets

    Lately, I've noticed that you've grown dim
    It's like you've lost ...
    kaliwanagan2016-11-27T22:09:1653 views00:03:01
  • Kaliwanagan - Set My EyesKaliwanagan - Set My Eyes
    Set My Eyes

    Though all may fail me, reject, and forget me
    You have always been there for me

    Though all may hate me, misunderstand me
    You have always shown care for me

    Though all may judge me, condemn, and...
    kaliwanagan2016-11-16T12:44:2830 views00:04:15
  • Kaliwanagan - PerseveranceKaliwanagan - Perseverance
    Walking alone along this ancient narrow road
    My sights getting blurry from the sun
    Vultures surround me watching my every single move
    Just waiting to dive the second I drop

    And my mouth goes, “ohohohohoh.”
    And my min...
    kaliwanagan2016-09-04T16:23:4636 views00:04:07