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  • The Judgment Seat of ChristThe Judgment Seat of Christ
    What Judgment Day will look like, described by the acclaimed Leonard Ravenhill.

    This video is available for purchase at http://www.sermon$#%[email protected]
    cougarcreative2008-03-17T00:00:0059,660 views00:02:28
  • Post It GospelPost It Gospel
    A dramatic portrayal of the Gospel told as an everyday narrative through sticky notes.

    This video can be purchased at www.GroveFilms.com under filmmaker Cougar Creative. If you have enjoyed this video, please spread the word!
    cougarcreative2008-03-17T00:00:0063,998 views00:01:43
  • Do all paths lead to God?Do all paths lead to God?
    Who is this god that many say "all roads or paths lead to god" Have you ever thought about the kind of god this would be? Or what this god says? He says one thing and turns around and says something else. Who is this god?prophecyonthemove2008-03-17T00:00:003,855 views00:04:37
  • The ReformersThe Reformers
    A look at the people who reformed the church through the agestransoceanmedia2008-03-17T00:00:003,130 views00:04:31
  • He CameHe Came
    A riveting video that powerfully illustrates Christ's reasons for coming to earth, and His triumph over death, Hell, and the grave. Available for download at http://www.sermon#!%!e.commediathatministers2008-03-17T00:00:003,327 views00:01:24
  • A Powerful Lesson From ERA Powerful Lesson From ER
    A number of people called our attention to this clip from the popular TV series ER. It really is amazing for secular television.

    The "Fair Use" law allowed us to teach from it, without violating copyright laws....
    thewayofthemaster2008-03-17T00:00:006,853 views00:09:27
  • The MegaChurch of OprahThe MegaChurch of Oprah
    Oprah's new online class covering Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth is exposed. They conducted the first mass trance. Over 2 Million participated in this new age class, a new book Don't Drink the Kool-Aid uncovers shocking truths that must be shared.csteeleonline2010-10-01T22:16:36124,031 views00:06:53
  • Light of the World ControversialLight of the World Controversial
    A controversial clip from The Light of the Worldthebiblesender12010-10-01T22:22:054,827 views00:02:31
  • A Lesson From The Moment of TruthA Lesson From The Moment of Truth
    This is a powerful lesson from Ray Comfort and the very popular television program The Moment of Truth.thewayofthemaster2008-04-18T00:00:006,400 views00:07:35
  • The Return of Jesus ChristThe Return of Jesus Christ
    The Second Coming will herald a new and eternal leadership. There will be no second place for those who choose the other side. Will you be prepared for such a momentous occasion? A must see for all!!!brightangel7772010-10-01T22:28:2819,447 views00:04:34
  • RedemptionRedemption
    true story of one mans journey from satanism to Christianity.threenailzz2010-10-01T22:28:4517,753 views00:05:20
  • Gospel Graffiti - Bridge To Life (Billy Graham.org)Gospel Graffiti - Bridge To Life (Billy Graham.org)
    When Gospel and Graffiti collide! A new spin to the Gospel presentation. Features: Camer1, DJ Promote and Fasm. Produced by: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to paint the Gospel in graffiti form for a video project dubbed "Bridge to ...fbckingsmountain2010-10-01T22:29:4818,924 views00:03:44
  • Seed and HopeSeed and Hope
    God bless you!!!!salvacionjuvenil2008-04-29T00:00:002,356 views00:04:23
  • Sin CommercialSin Commercial
    Sin Videojulians2010-10-01T22:30:073,593 views00:00:47
  • The JudgementThe Judgement
    This is a video I put together for a bible studyjmjprints022010-10-01T22:36:112,963 views00:03:16
  • The Great White Throne JudgmentThe Great White Throne Judgment
    Here's the whole story...the biblical account of the creation of man, the entrance of sin into the world and why Jesus Christ came to earth.

    Using over 360 breathtaking oil paintings, this film will take you on an unforgettable journey. Follow ...
    acts20312010-10-01T22:38:034,826 views00:01:46