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  • Legato Shred Guitar Lick - Guitar Lesson #3 -www.AmazingLicks.comLegato Shred Guitar Lick - Guitar Lesson #3
    Legato means to play smoothly, so that each note contains no pause between them. Notice the right hand picking and where I accent each pick stroke so that there is almost a defined rhythm. Break up the lick into separate parts to practice them. Th...guitarzan12008-03-17T00:00:008,401 views00:01:14
  • Guitar PlayerGuitar Player
    Gospel Jazz guitarist visiting Gilt Edge missionary baptist Church

    Gilt Edge Missionary baptist Church
    1713 green Street
    Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130

    (812) 283-6395
    giltedgemedia2010-10-01T22:13:463,383 views00:07:15
  • Amazing Grace - Tommy Emmanuel GuitarAmazing Grace - Tommy Emmanuel Guitar
    at a concert in St. Louisyjk3162010-10-01T22:38:019,203 views00:04:09
  • Delilah - AcousticDelilah - Acoustic
    Tim Hawkins recently came by the GodTube Office and turned a popular song into a re-telling of a classic bible story!timhawkinscomedy2010-10-01T23:31:1362,520 views00:02:55