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  • Casting Crowns - Does Anybody Hear Her (Official Music Video)Casting Crowns - Does Anybody Hear Her (Official Music Video)
    Watch the music video from one of the hottest Christian bands of today! This Casting Crowns hit will remind you that God never gives up on you!casting-crowns2008-03-17T00:00:001,600,859 views00:04:33
  • Barlowgirl-"Never Alone"Barlowgirl-
    This clip is the video for Barlowgirl's song "Never Alone."barlowgirl2008-03-17T00:00:0040,256 views00:04:31
  • My Redeemer Lives - Team HoytMy Redeemer Lives - Team Hoyt
    Incredible video about the relationship between a father and son.... and God's relationship with us.sand2rock952008-03-17T00:00:0016,231,249 views00:04:36
  • Youth Mission Trip 2007Youth Mission Trip 2007
    2007 Youth Mission Trip to Corbin, KY - we built a house in 5 days!yuthfulguy2008-03-17T00:00:005,844 views00:07:49
  • Lifehouse: Everything DramaLifehouse: Everything Drama
    Performed LIVE at Old Dominion Baptist Church in Bristow, VA on January 13, 2008. Ours begins with the Creation account and leads into the actualy drama. VERY POWERFUL!! As good as the original shown on GodTube! DVD version you can use availab...yuthfulguy2008-03-17T00:00:0089,601 views00:10:00
  • Lord, LordLord, Lord
    Has the Lord ever asked you to do something you just really didn't want to do? We all fall into the habit of living our lives the way we see fit. But Jesus asks the question, "Am I your Lord?" Onetimeblind leaves you to wrestle with thes...onetimeblind2010-10-01T23:33:5413,438 views00:05:03
  • How Can You Die for MeHow Can You Die for Me
    Every day we tell ourselves that we live for Christ. But it isn't until Jesus asks us to really stand with him that we begin to realize what that really means.onetimeblind2010-10-01T23:33:5415,698 views00:02:20
  • ComfortComfort
    The Lord is a Lord of action and he's calling us each to something big - but are we willing to respond? or is it too far out of our comfort zones?onetimeblind2010-10-01T23:37:4120,967 views00:03:31
  • Videocast From The FutureVideocast From The Future
    Videocast From The Futurej207is2010-10-01T23:44:2420,592 views00:02:02
  • Hope Now Music VideoHope Now Music Video
    Official Music Video for Addison Road's Hope Nowaddison-road2010-10-01T23:52:0417,830 views00:03:44
  • The StoolThe Stool

    View "The Challenge"

    Download - The Stool

    Are you committed?
    onetimeblind2010-10-01T23:52:18109,227 views00:02:05
  • Daddy's AngelDaddy's Angel
    Daddy's Angel

    Words and Music by: Anthony W. Carter- T Carter Music


    I'm giving you away

    But I'm not letting go

    The memories, they flood my mind

    Of the l...
    tcartermusic2010-10-01T23:54:2312,372 views00:03:57
  • This RingThis Ring
    This Ring

    Words and Music: Anthony W. Carter

    I've been waiting for this moment for so long

    An answered prayer, I know you are the one

    I give to you my heart and soul

    With a lov...
    tcartermusic2010-10-01T23:54:234,633 views00:04:02