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  • GodcoGodco
    I don't think a Gecko could do that for you.jojemo2011-05-27T10:00:50350 views00:00:45
  • Young and Old AlikeYoung and Old Alike
    God can even use misperceptions to teach us.jojemo2011-03-11T11:45:42783 views00:07:38
  • ThomasThomas
    The logic of a child cuts through the nonsense.jojemo2010-12-17T20:11:35332 views00:07:28
  • Sin KillsSin Kills
    And that's a fact.jojemo2010-12-14T18:41:34568 views00:02:36
  • Cave of DoomCave of Doom
    It's dated, but still pertains today, perhaps more so. Afflicts young and old alike.jojemo2010-11-22T17:17:11500 views00:05:42
  • Then and NowThen and Now
    No body ever says; I'm going to grow up and be like one of these. So how does it happen?jojemo2010-11-22T14:42:02320 views00:01:01
  • Honey's SurpriseHoney's Surprise
    The biggest surprise of all time.jojemo2010-11-22T04:06:53727 views00:02:00