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  • Mess By B.ReithMess By B.Reith
    NO COPYWRITING INTENDED!!! I do not own affiliate throw kittens at or antagonize B.Reith in any way. I love this song but windows movie maker wouldn't let me perfect it so the video is horrible which stinks cause I love the song its one of my favo...jesusfreaklikeu2010-10-02T01:33:431,506 views00:03:50
  • My Friend So Long By DC TalkMy Friend So Long By DC Talk
    My Friend So Long By DC Talk

    This is one of my fav vids and songs.


    I heard your record on the telephone

    It was my cousin, Joan

    She picked it up from the top 40 rack and then

    I read your in...
    jesusfreaklikeu2010-10-02T01:00:191,682 views00:04:20