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  • King James Bible (KJV)King James Bible (KJV)
    The King James Bible is the only truth Bible!!! <br />
    Preaching Salvation by Grace and the King James Bible.
    gracebiblelive2010-10-01T23:31:414,856 views00:09:44
  • Jesus: The Image of the Invisible GodJesus: The Image of the Invisible God
    Jesus is the image of the invisible God: the Firstborn over all creation! This video uses footage from the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes to help illustrate God's power, greatness, and love. The immenseness of the cosmos shows us how big He is, yet...thinkonthesethings2010-10-02T00:25:164,446 views00:03:36
  • The Perfect Mind of GodThe Perfect Mind of God
    "Do you have any idea of how God does it all? All these miracle-wonders of a Perfect Mind?" Job 37:16 (The Message). Video from outer space illustrates God's perfect mind. This will stimulate your appreciation for our Father's greatness ...thinkonthesethings2010-10-02T00:28:061,832 views00:03:48