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  • Little Girl and Psalm 23 - Bluefish TVLittle Girl and Psalm 23 - Bluefish TV
    Psalm 23 as only a child can tell it...this adorable video illustration is a must see. Video download available at www.bluefishtv.combluefishtv2012-03-01T00:00:006,442,586 views00:01:22
  • Noah's Ark Dance - FUNNY!Noah's Ark Dance - FUNNY!
    I created this on the spot. I am not a dancer. I had nothing prepared except the story in my head and my friend Ellyson Barnes to become whatever I wanted.. I knew I wanted to do a funny dance about Noah's Ark, but that's it. What you see is t...capstone122008-03-17T00:00:0064,484 views00:05:49
  • Puppet a wonderful worldPuppet a wonderful world
    puppet on louis amstrong musicrogervds2008-03-17T00:00:005,765 views00:02:19
  • Christ In Art / Names of JesusChrist In Art / Names of Jesus
    Video download available at -">

    Get this video morph at This video morphs from one famous painting of Ch...beamerfilms2008-03-17T00:00:008,918 views00:03:04

  • This Is Love by Steve BellThis Is Love by Steve Bell
    A stirring presentation with footage from Zeffirelli's acclaimed film "Jesus of Nazareth" and singer/songwriter Steve Bell's Easter anthem "This Is Love." www.crownvideo.comcrownentertainment2008-03-17T00:00:0031,326 views00:05:04
  • Christian Comedian Bob SmileyChristian Comedian Bob Smiley
    Here's a few comedy clips of my stand up. If you like it, put it on your website and email my mother in-law saying that she is wrong and I am too funny! www.bobsmiley.comcomedian2010-10-01T22:13:5836,155 views00:14:07
  • Elmo Loves YouElmo Loves You
    This is a story about me getting on an elevator with a talking Elmo doll in my batman backpack...the Elmo doll was a gift for a friend! I didn't want you guys to think I was strange or sumthing!
    You can hear the entire story on my DVD "Uncaged" ...
    comedian2010-10-01T22:14:0830,221 views00:02:39
  • Charles Marshall - Hilarious comedy video - Mama spanking meCharles Marshall - Hilarious comedy video - Mama spanking me
    Christian comedian Charles Marshall talks about getting spanked. Forward this video to your mom or to anyone who has a mom. www.charlesmarshallcomedy.comcwmcomedy2007-08-17T00:00:0056,003 views00:01:50
  • Freddie Pierce - Christian Comedian, VentriloquistFreddie Pierce - Christian Comedian, Ventriloquist
    One of America's most sought after Christian comedians and inspirational speakers, Freddie Pierce offers a mixture of side splitting humor and encouragement which excites and enriches audiences of all ages at youth events, churches, associations, ...hopeandhumorministries2010-10-01T23:26:254,463 views00:04:34
  • Precious LordPrecious Lord
    Time for a little bedroom Karaoke! Ha-ha! I just love this song so much. I'm vocally out of shape for it but I'm posting it anyway!

    Words: Thomas A. Dorsey, 1932. Dorsey wrote this song in Chicago, Illinois, after his wife Nettie died w...
    judytaya2008-12-03T00:00:004,641 views00:03:13
  • Art and suchArt and such
    This is art that was drawn by me. I have been identified in the gifted arts and haven't really got to show them. God has given me a talent and I want to share it. Please review so I know your thoughts!fadingintotwilight2010-10-02T00:13:092,333 views00:04:23
  • the Evolution Fish (Funny)the Evolution Fish (Funny)
    this is Evolutionchristianmusicremix2010-10-02T00:17:325,239 views00:01:00