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  • Faith and Prayer in epilepsy-surgery-seizuresFaith and Prayer in epilepsy-surgery-seizures
    Has been an amazing life--being able to use epilepsy all for His Glory...with faith in Christ-He can turn all issues that come into our life--and use them to help others...to help us..for His Kingdom! Updates on 10 yr old Hannah's brain surgery to...hetty4christ2010-10-02T01:17:141,776 views00:08:53
  • Hubby and Me-epilepsyHubby and Me-epilepsy
    To hear my husband talk about how meeting, dating, marrying, fathering- learning about epilepsy and addictions in our relationship---how it has affected his life...what it is like from his side...how God can use it all--for us all--all for HIS GLO...hetty4christ2010-10-02T01:16:111,474 views00:09:48
  • Working thru seizures with Christ..Working thru seizures with Christ..
    With faith...He can turn all for His Glory...we need to clench tight to Him...and pray...He has a path laid out...will not let us fall!hetty4christ2010-10-02T01:16:001,546 views00:09:56
  • Getting to know how to use weakness 4 ChristGetting to know how to use weakness 4 Christ
    What type of seizures do you have? How do you use your illness? Do you take it out...talk to others how it has drawn you closer to Christ!? He is amazing!! This video talks about how I introduced my boyfriend then,,,hubby now-as to what seizures a...hetty4christ2010-10-02T01:15:511,083 views00:10:02
  • Wearing the other's shoes...Wearing the other's shoes...
    It is just as hard for others who are married to, have loved ones, children, parents etc...with an illness...I can see it thru my husbands eyes...when I let myself.hetty4christ2010-10-02T01:15:511,416 views00:09:24
  • My baby girl-blessing from Christ-epilepsy tooMy baby girl-blessing from Christ-epilepsy too
    We as parents need to take care of our kids with it...make sure the neurologist just doesn't medicate...he works on all tests...doesn't always just expect it to be childhood epilepsy--especially if a child to an epileptic. I was supposed to outgro...hetty4christ2010-10-02T01:15:511,674 views00:09:58