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  • Baby Squirrel Needs HelpBaby Squirrel Needs Help
    This cute little baby squirrel needs some help from the big squirrel. Take a lesson from this squirrel! Be patient and kind, try to help those in need. gtfunnyvideos2011-01-26T18:50:3736,004 views00:03:36
  • Incredible StuntsIncredible Stunts
    God has done an amazing thing in creating humans. Cool compilation of all the stunts that we humans are able to do. What is the craziest stunt you've ever performed?gtfunnyvideos2010-10-28T12:35:0223,376 views00:05:07
  • Animals TalkingAnimals Talking
    These lizards are on holiday... now if she could just figure out how to use the camera.gtfunnyvideos2010-10-25T16:05:0217,211 views00:01:53
  • Talking Animals Try Out ToothpasteTalking Animals Try Out Toothpaste
    What if animals could talk? Check these out.gtfunnyvideos2010-10-25T16:05:0212,259 views00:01:56
  • Night Time... Day Time!Night Time... Day Time!
    Gotta watch these hilarious talking animal videos.gtfunnyvideos2010-10-25T16:05:0221,434 views00:02:19
  • Tired of Boring Fish? Train Them!Tired of Boring Fish? Train Them!
    No more just watching your fish float around making stupid lip motions. Now you can train them to to do all sorts of tricks. If they're good enough maybe they can even play for the Dolphins. Ok... maybe not.gtfunnyvideos2010-10-18T15:25:038,972 views00:03:41
  • Happy Meals - They're ForeverHappy Meals - They're Forever
    Some people say diamonds are forever. But good grief they're so expensive. Through careful study researchers have found that you can now give that special girl something else that lasts forever... a Happy Meal. Watch it!gtfunnyvideos2010-10-15T11:10:039,350 views00:00:48
  • Canadian MailmanCanadian Mailman
    What do you get when you put a dog in the driver's seat of a postal truck? A lot of laughs. Check this out.gtfunnyvideos2010-10-15T10:50:023,794 views00:01:17
  • Things We Say WrongThings We Say Wrong
    You know the grammar in this country has really gone down hill.gtfunnyvideos2010-10-08T13:50:0278,499 views00:02:58