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  • Mural Third WardMural Third Ward
    This of a 96' mural I've been painting for the last two months, it's not done, but this is just the first video to give friends and family and whoever a sort of play by play of the mural.coryjamesart12010-10-01T22:37:572,979 views00:05:43
  • Glimpse of ReignGlimpse of Reign
    by Marc L Gerona copyright 2007

    Sharing the Power of our Risen Lord!

    Played at Gateway Church
    glimpseofreignband2010-10-01T23:44:18105 views00:02:59
  • Unto TheeUnto Thee
    Glimpse of Reign

    written by Marc L Gerona

    copyright 2007
    glimpseofreignband2010-10-01T23:48:251,941 views00:04:58
  • InhabitInhabit
    Inhabit Your Praise by Marc L Gerona Glimpse of Reign "Igniting the Body of Christ" Worship song Inspirational Praiseglimpseofreignband2010-10-01T23:54:282,535 views00:04:46
  • Beauty for AshesBeauty for Ashes
    Beauty for Ashes sung by Shane and Shane done by Glimpse of Reign during worship at Gateway Church ClearLake, TX 2008glimpseofreignband2010-10-02T00:01:163,133 views00:04:43