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  • Bad EvangelismBad Evangelism
    Niko Gruber shows us how NOT to evangelise!tmcarpen2008-03-17T00:00:0059,521 views00:03:28
  • Woman at the well.Woman at the well.
    I bought this video from www.sermon$$
    I don't own the copyright to it.
    beverlybmusic2008-03-17T00:00:0095,539 views00:02:39
  • Little Girl and Psalm 23 - Bluefish TVLittle Girl and Psalm 23 - Bluefish TV
    Psalm 23 as only a child can tell it...this adorable video illustration is a must see. Video download available at www.bluefishtv.combluefishtv2012-03-01T00:00:006,442,014 views00:01:22
  • The Story: CreationThe Story: Creation
    This video in interpretation of the Creation as according to Genesis using claymation. Very Cool.emorawr2008-03-17T00:00:006,855 views00:01:07
  • The Seven Shouts of JesusThe Seven Shouts of Jesus
    This presentation briefly shows the significance of the last seven statements that Jesus said before he died while being crucified on the Cross. The images used are from "The Passion of the Christ."emorawr2008-03-17T00:00:005,050 views00:06:12
  • an analogy about truthan analogy about truth
    In this video, it takes me a little while to get to the point, so I'm going to write it here: pi is like truth, and when we use decimals to approximate pi (3.14...), the decimals are like the words that we use to approximate truth - some words mig...willyrogers2008-03-17T00:00:007,254 views00:05:50
  • I am a "C"I am a
    A little 2D animated music video. Enjoy!leelong12008-03-17T00:00:0055,116 views00:01:21
  • Sports Sunday: The Big Show -BluefishTV.comSports Sunday: The Big Show
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    What if a Sunday morning worship service was treated like a major televised sporting event? This is a...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:41:5111,458 views00:02:54
  • Tim Hawkins - Smells Like Birthday CakeTim Hawkins - Smells Like Birthday Cake
    This party has everything: cake, balloons, streamers, bounce house, leaf blower, giant Lego dinosaur, grunge rock, and a pinata. You know... the essentials.timhawkinscomedy2010-10-01T22:57:1893,587 views00:02:04
  • Top Ten July 17th Number 4Top Ten July 17th Number 4
    Set Me Free - Ignite Student Ministries - christianwebtv<br />
    Check out the page for the other 9! Press Subscribe for weekly updates! This is what the GodTube Team was watching this week in no particular order. Thanks!
    topten-owner2010-10-01T23:00:2011,708 views00:04:46
  • Satan shares his views of the church from Lifechurch.tvSatan shares his views of the church from
    This video clip features an interview with Satan. The video comes from Craig Groeschels One Prayer message from,237 views00:02:55
  • Set me FreeSet me Free
    Human video to Set me Freeianwoc2008-08-23T00:00:007,893 views00:04:31
  • Junk in the TrunkJunk in the Trunk
    When was the last time you cleaned out the emotional junk in YOUR trunk? Before You Do - T. D. Jakestdjakes12010-10-01T23:17:0515,593 views00:03:31
  • The Office - Bouncing DVD Cube - so FUNNYThe Office - Bouncing DVD Cube - so FUNNY
    In this opening bit from an episode of "The Office, Season 4," the office crew is enthralled by Michael's new idea...for an entirely different reason.phosphorus2010-10-01T23:19:1857,181 views00:01:33
  • Jesus is My FriendJesus is My Friend
    This video shows just how far praise music has come. Thank goodness!emorawr2010-10-01T23:22:1510,155 views00:02:48
  • Cardboard TestimoniesCardboard Testimonies
    35 testimonies with no words spoken. Very powerful illustration of how Jesus transforms a life.riverranch2008-07-27T00:00:0019,805 views00:08:50