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  • Memorized Bible, GalatiansMemorized Bible, Galatians
    Pastor quotes book of Galatians from the Bible by memory.The Word of GOD (scriptures)has a powerfull effect when spoken by Spirit. Please visit Dr Yeager`s web site at docyeager.org

    He has memorized over a third of the NT.
    docyeager2010-10-01T21:02:0310,818 views00:16:21
  • Little Girl and Psalm 23 - Bluefish TVLittle Girl and Psalm 23 - Bluefish TV
    Psalm 23 as only a child can tell it...this adorable video illustration is a must see. Video download available at www.bluefishtv.combluefishtv2012-03-01T00:00:006,442,195 views00:01:22
  • Hell is a reality (Screaming of ...)Hell is a reality (Screaming of ...)
    Video realised by Phil R.XP of REQUIEM ETERNAM www.myspace.com/requiemeternam7
    A real recording of the screaming from Hell, by scientifics in Siberia, they discover the Hell and record it on a tape. After they give this tape on a radio station an...
    requiemeternam2008-03-17T00:00:0034,678 views00:02:05
  • Party Like a CatholicParty Like a Catholic
    Party Like a Catholic original idea created by Chris Tricase was created in 2007-2008 in Bishop Grimes High School. The members of the group "Them Catholic Boyz" consist of Kris Domres, Chris Tricase, Jim Morelli, and Casey Thorp. Using Kris Domre...trickalate2008-03-17T00:00:0029,401 views00:03:18
  • Book of James- MemorizedBook of James- Memorized
    I finally got a decent take on this after 30+ tries. I was inspired after seeing another man recite James from memory on Godtube.com, so I promised God to try to memorize it as well. It took about 5 weeks to memorize it, and about 2 weeks of pra...oscar4782008-03-17T00:00:004,722 views00:16:26