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  • Why Christians must VoteWhy Christians must Vote
    Our Christian heritage is at stake here. Please understand the importance of voting! garyhamner2012-11-01T19:44:14283 views00:03:31
    manage to change our country. America can be saved. Vote like minded people in office only. If they are not like minded vote them out! 546 people V/S 315,000,000. Come on let's get serious, about our country!garyhamner2012-10-23T02:04:05216 views00:01:39
  • Christian Silent Majority Christian  Silent Majority
    The collective voice of millions of like-minded people of faith can fix our current issues in America. When a vote is cast to reflect God's principles you're not merely taking advantage of your right, you are performing a duty essential in preserv...garyhamner2012-10-07T02:39:05435 views00:03:40