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  • Southpaw - Baby Got Book (Official Music Video)Southpaw - Baby Got Book (Official Music Video)
    Southpaw's (band's name) music video to Baby Got Book. The singer is Dan Smith.michaelscott12008-03-17T00:00:0032,225 views00:04:22
  • Tim Hawkins "Cletus Take the Reel"Tim Hawkins
    Buy Album!
    Christian comedian Tim Hawkins performs a hilarious parody of "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. Send this on!
    crownentertainment2008-03-17T00:00:00448,184 views00:02:14
  • KJ-52 "Do Yo Thang"KJ-52 "Do Yo Thang"
    KJ-52 "Do Yo Thang" from the album "The Yearbook" (Tooth & Nail Records/BEC Recordings)rivevideo2010-10-01T23:05:0010,305 views00:04:05
  • Lean on MeLean on Me
    Joe is a great piano player, but what good is it if there is no one to share the music with? Fortunately, his youth group comes to his aid, letting him know that they are by his side. The Body of Christ is a beautiful thing as these young people d...sitmtv2010-10-01T23:53:172,686 views00:00:35
  • Celebrities Talk about JesusCelebrities Talk about Jesus
    Elvis, Hannah Montana, Johnny Depp, Captain Kirk and Scooby Doo have an imaginary conversation about just who Jesus really is.sitmtv2010-10-01T23:53:173,323 views00:02:37
  • Teens and Cell PhonesTeens and Cell Phones
    In this gripping interview, Josh and James take on the question that plagues so many parent today. The what, when, how and why of cell phone use by kids. How old should a child be before getting the freedom and responsibility of a cell phone?sitmtv2010-10-01T23:53:183,233 views00:03:04
  • Video Games - Are they an okay thing?Video Games - Are they an okay thing?
    What do some folks in NC think about video games? Do the ratings systems make sense? Do they spur teens on to do bad things? Why is there a wolf man in this interview? :) Help us figure it out as SITMTV continues to tackle the tough issues that a...sitmtv2010-10-01T23:53:182,939 views00:04:55