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  • Prophetic Word for 2013 Prophetic Word for 2013
    The Glory of God: God’s glory will be seen in 2013. There are people who sit in gross darkness, but they shall see a great light. This light is the glory of God shining in the faces of his sons (male and female). His sons shall manifest the glory....fredandsherrywhite2012-12-03T10:14:051,214 views00:05:23
  • The Fruitful Bride of ChristThe Fruitful Bride of Christ
    The bride of Christ is a fruitful vine. Believers are ordained to bring forth much fruit. The fruit of the Spirit is being brought forth in believers everywhere. The Lord comes down to his garden to taste their fruit. When they praise the Lord and...fredandsherrywhite2012-08-27T17:54:04874 views00:08:48
  • The Strong Wind of GodThe Strong Wind of God
    A shaking is coming to the body of Christ, because God is sending his strong wind to blow in the Church. It will scatter the pestilence and evil. The corruption and contamination in the Church will be exposed and brought to an end. The wind will u...fredandsherrywhite2012-07-16T14:14:06866 views00:07:11
  • Freedom from Mind GamesFreedom from Mind Games
    Stand fast in the liberty that Jesus purchased at the cross. The devil uses deception and confusion to infiltrate people’s minds with thoughts that lead to depression, anxiety, worry and fear. Fill your mind with the truth, the word of God. Think...fredandsherrywhite2012-07-08T13:39:04671 views00:06:59
  • Prophetic Word: Storehouse for the Last DaysProphetic Word: Storehouse for the Last Days
    There is a famine in the land today for the hearing of the word of God. People are rushing about in desperation, seeking the true word. Joseph stored up grain in abundance to be distributed in the time of famine. He was used to preserve his family...fredandsherrywhite2012-06-28T11:59:22927 views00:05:13
  • Mission of PeaceMission of Peace
    Jesus walked on this earth as the Prince of Peace. In John 14, he gave all of his disciples his peace that is an eternal force and a mighty weapon against the enemy. Your mission on this earth is to maintain the peace. Pursue peace with all men. B...fredandsherrywhite2012-05-23T09:29:05654 views00:06:50
  • The Arrows of God bring You VictoryThe Arrows of God bring You Victory
    Every word that God speaks is an arrow. It goes forth into the air and hits the target. Speak the word of God to hurl arrows into the air against your spiritual enemies. Such arrows will bring down sickness, disease, mental agony, financial proble...fredandsherrywhite2012-04-15T07:14:04823 views00:06:07
  • Resurrection Power Operating in Your LifeResurrection Power Operating in Your Life
    Many supernatural events occurred after the resurrection of Jesus as he showed himself to his disciples. After his resurrection, the disciples knew his voice, understood scriptures and did exploits. If you believe, Jesus will do the same supernatu...fredandsherrywhite2012-04-11T11:09:07623 views00:06:34
  • Mighty Weapons of GodMighty Weapons of God
    God is a man of war and gives his children mighty weapons to bring down strongholds in their lives. These are not worldly weapons but they are effective against any attack of the enemy. He has given the word of God which is greater than any tactic...fredandsherrywhite2012-04-06T10:09:05851 views00:06:37
  • Stay on Track with the LordStay on Track with the Lord
    Staying focused on what the Lord is doing in your life is crucial. In order to fulfill purpose and destiny, you must hear and obey the voice of the Lord. Seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness will keep you from being distracted from the...fredandsherrywhite2012-03-19T11:59:05618 views00:06:50
  • Freedom to Serve the LordFreedom to Serve the Lord
    Whom the Son has set free is free indeed. On the cross, Jesus set people free, not to serve sin but to serve righteousness. Stand free in the liberty that he gave you by the shedding of his blood. No more entanglements like the cares of this world...fredandsherrywhite2012-03-12T10:29:05610 views00:05:56
  • Receive the Fire of GodReceive the Fire of God
    The fire of God destroys the things that hinder his people. It also purifies them. When believers allow mighty presence of God, his fire, to invade their lives, the evil is consumed and the good is promoted.fredandsherrywhite2012-02-16T09:49:17593 views00:07:35
  • Destroy the Walls that Hinder YouDestroy the Walls that Hinder You
    Jericho was a walled city that could be shut up when it was under siege, so that nothing came in and nothing went out. Similarly, some people have walls, such as depression, abuse, addictions, jealousy, sickness and disease, which keep them from f...fredandsherrywhite2012-02-05T17:49:20858 views00:10:42
  • Fulfilling Your DreamsFulfilling Your Dreams
    Without a dream, a person goes through life aimlessly. The heavenly Father’s desire is to fulfill your dreams and to make you successful. Keep your confidence in the dreams God has given you, because he wants you to accomplish them. This is the ti...fredandsherrywhite2012-01-26T15:39:371,482 views00:13:13
  • Provision for the People of GodProvision for the People of God
    All the gold, silver and cattle belong to the heavenly Father. He has unlimited resources for his people. “And my God will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). This is the year that God will t...fredandsherrywhite2012-01-20T11:49:38599 views00:09:36
  • Cleansing the Temple of God TodayCleansing the Temple of God Today
    God is bringing forth his kingdom on the earth today with power. He is grieved when his people are used as merchandise to build a kingdom of this world. His temple is being cleansed from corruption and evil to establish a powerful kingdom. No long...fredandsherrywhite2012-01-12T15:49:23600 views00:09:05