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  • Your Purpose & Place in this World Your Purpose & Place in this World
    Do you know your purpose and place in this world?
    In this short clip, Pastor Joe Parks shares an alarming statistic of how many people are unhappy with their career choice and not sure "at all" what they are even passionate about.
    focuschurchkaty2013-04-18T02:29:05270 views00:02:21
  • You are one of Criminals on the Cross You are one of Criminals on the Cross
    Short clip from Easter Sunday at Focus Church, Katy, Tx. explaining how we are one of the two criminals hanging on a cross next to Jesus Christ. The questions are... which one are you and have you experienced grace?
    focuschurchkaty2013-04-17T00:44:05321 views00:06:02
  • Serenity in the StormSerenity in the Storm
    Do you live a "Busy Lifestyle"? Do you feel over-whelmed, over-run with your hectic, frantic schedule? Does it seem impossible to find peace? We are living in the "Storm of the Norm". This is just how life is and maybe someday It'll slow down and ...focuschurchkaty2013-04-17T00:34:05353 views00:03:14