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  • Childbirth TranslatorChildbirth Translator
    One of our favorite games about one of life's most special moments. Just done in a very different way.fishsticks2013-03-02T10:41:051,295 views00:05:04
  • Translator -- Lifest 2012Translator -- Lifest 2012
    A fun improv game from our July 14, 2012 midnight show at Lifest 2012. Alligator wrestling at its finest!fishsticks2012-07-20T10:04:061,202 views00:05:37
  • Replay -- Ricola EditionReplay -- Ricola Edition
    From a show on January 6, 2012 -- watch the Sticks as they take an ordinary set up scene and transform it several different ways! fishsticks2012-02-24T10:14:06769 views00:10:15
  • Fish Sticks -- Pastor Know-It-AllFish Sticks -- Pastor Know-It-All
    The gift of discernment runs very strong in this four-headed Pastor!

    From a show of ours on August 6, 2011.
    fishsticks2011-08-15T09:30:151,518 views00:06:56
  • cHarmonycHarmony
    Who says dating has to be difficult? cHarmony makes it a sure thing to find that perfect match!

    From Fish Sticks.TV, episode 1, season 1.
    fishsticks2011-01-29T09:05:052,209 views00:01:27
  • Fish Sticks.TV -- Your Best Guac NowFish Sticks.TV -- Your Best Guac Now
    The first in a series of three Osteen parodies from Fish Sticks.TV.fishsticks2011-01-10T08:48:131,685 views00:01:06
  • Fish Sticks.TV -- Kid PropsFish Sticks.TV -- Kid Props
    From episode 3 of season 1 of Fish Sticks.TV. This fun game involved some of our youngest audience members at the taping of this episode -- and revealed a bit of the difficulties comedians sometimes have with math.fishsticks2011-01-04T10:36:131,877 views00:04:32
  • Fish Sticks.TV -- TranslatorFish Sticks.TV -- Translator
    From episode 5 of season 1 of Fish Sticks.TV.fishsticks2010-12-27T21:39:134,310 views00:04:09
  • The Church SnuggieThe Church Snuggie
    The Church Snuggie will make any church service like a warm hug! From Season One of Fish Sticks.TV by Fish Sticks Comedy!fishsticks2010-10-24T23:05:02113,142 views00:01:26