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  • My Father's FatherMy Father's Father
    A Tribute speech written to honor my grandfather Russell Bankson, a hero in my life. erinkate2012-12-21T15:39:12365 views00:05:51
  • A Sure BetA Sure Bet
    An 8 minute speech persuading people to change their accepting attitudes about gambling and put a ban on new casinos and internet gambling.erinkate2012-12-15T12:59:05227 views00:08:21
  • SomnambulismSomnambulism
    A 5 minute informative speech on sleepwalking!erinkate2012-11-20T10:09:09321 views00:05:38
  • Self-Perception SpeechSelf-Perception Speech
    ~An introduction to Erin Bankson~erinkate2012-11-05T17:04:07271 views00:03:50