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djjr94's Uploads

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  • 6 Hours From Columbus - John Reuben (freestyle)6 Hours From Columbus - John Reuben (freestyle)
    A freestyle John Reuben did for a DJ Maj ablum..djjr942011-04-12T10:48:18471 views00:01:49
  • Thank the Watchmaker (LLP Remix) - By DJJRThank the Watchmaker (LLP Remix) - By DJJR
    A remix of Thank the Watchmaker by And Then There Were None by DJJR. Ba bummm...djjr942011-01-10T17:23:27482 views00:03:25
  • Help Me Go Through Changes (KJ-52 VS Eminem) by DJJRHelp Me Go Through Changes (KJ-52 VS Eminem) by DJJR
    I mixed KJ-52's (featuring Rob Beckley of Pillar) song Help Me Change verses and chorus with Eminem's song, Going Through Changes beat, chorus, and bridge. This song is completly clean and definitley Christian rap, nothing explicit.djjr942010-10-02T02:27:31846 views00:04:03
  • Dear God, Cool the Underdog (KJ-52 VS John Reuben) By DJJRDear God, Cool the Underdog (KJ-52 VS John Reuben) By DJJR
    I remixed Cool the Underdog - John Reuben with Dear God - KJ-52. They're my 2 favorite rappers, so I wanted them to collab again, but KJ said it wasn't likely, and John never released any accapella... so, this is the end result. It's def my best r...djjr942010-10-02T02:27:18396 views00:03:32
  • End of my Rope KJ52 official videoEnd of my Rope KJ52 official video
    This is the official video to KJ 52s end of my rope. enjoydjjr942010-10-02T01:56:471,541 views00:02:48
  • Dont waste your life - Lecrae LIVEDont waste your life - Lecrae LIVE
    So I was at the crossover church DJ official Album release party and Lecrae sang his best song ever. I recorded the whole thing but not all of it would fit on here. so I had to cut off a bit at the end.djjr942010-10-02T01:56:381,667 views00:03:13
  • Awesome God!Awesome God!
    dude, this is my favorite musical moment of the year probably. granted, I couldnt see the stage much. but thats what happens when your short. I'm not sure who was singin it but it was epic! pretty much everyone there was singin at the top of there...djjr942010-10-02T01:56:371,462 views00:00:44
  • A City All In -City on Our Knees Remix by DJ Nerd42A City All In -City on Our Knees Remix by DJ Nerd42
    my friend DJ Nerd42 remixed City on our knees with All in, by Eligh Ft Pigeon John. See, its this kinda music that I want to make, not write songs but mix them! Remix them! This is my dream!djjr942010-10-02T01:55:321,571 views00:04:58