"Bold faith"

Recently, a 6-year-old boy missed his morning bus to school. Determined not to miss his school breakfast or gym class, the tyke grabbed the keys to his parents' car, crept out of the house as his mother slept, and drove nearly 6 miles toward his school. The Associated Press report gave amazing detail of the boy's remarkable jaunt: "He made at least two 90-degree turns, passed several cars and ran off the rural two-lane road several times before hitting an embankment and utility pole about a mile and a half from school."

What this young boy did was obviously illegal and dangerous, but some people will admire his take-charge mentality.

I imagine that when he grows up, he might be something like Caleb, the fierce Israelite warrior who tenaciously challenged Israel to confront her enemies.

Caleb faced strong opposition to his challenge, however. For the people of the land appeared to hold an overwhelming advantage. "They are stronger than we are!" Israel's other scouts argued (v.31).

The dire probabilities of the Israelites' violent demise should have melted any sane man's courage. (v.32). Israel's enemies were menacing. Physically, they were huge. Some were giants that made the Israelite spies seem "like grasshoppers" by comparison (v.33). Still, Caleb was undeterred.

But Caleb wasn't some zealous warrior without good sense. He wasn't overly confident in his battle-tested skill, nor had he turned a blind eye to the gravity of their situation. Caleb simply believed God. God had spoken, telling Israel that the land would be theirs. And he believed.

When God calls you to some seemingly impossible task, will you have the bold faith of Caleb, faith to believe and obey? , Winn Collier, Our Daily Journey

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