No Fear

Psalms 34:1
I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears (v.4).

Imagine sashaying through life with no fear. One
woman knows what it feels like to be fear-free.
Researchers exposed her to snakes and spiders, led
her through a haunted house, and showed her scary
flicks. No fear. Real death threats and being robbed at
gunpoint left her (happily) whistling in the dark. Why?
The woman has a genetic condition affecting the portion
of her brain connected with fear reaction. She literally
can’t be frightened.

David, much like us from time to time, was once
super-scared. He’d been sprinting from King Saul—who
wanted to kill him—and ended up traipsing into the lair
of the king of Gath (the hometown of Goliath—whom
David had earlier killed!) (1 Samuel 17:48-50). Talk
about out of the frying pan and into the fire! David was
so petrified (v.12) of the king of Gath that he decided
to act like a madman (v.13). His performance (including
the effective frothing at the mouth shtick) must have been
Oscar-winning-worthy, for the king believed he was truly
loony and allowed him to take flight instead of face a
fight (v.15).

Around this time of great fear and feigning being
crazy, David penned Psalm 34. We find that he dealt
with his fear by praying to God (v.4). He trusted in
God’s protection (vv.6-7). He rested in His goodness and
care (v.8). And, David reported, “[God] freed me from
all my fears” (v.4). Except one . . .

You see, David was not fearless, for he feared God (vv.7,9,11). In other words,
his reverent fear of God eclipsed his fear of man. What a great example for us
to follow when we start to fear the stuff of this world. Let’s choose to seek God
in prayer and reverently fear Him alone!

—Tom Felten

What does Deuteronomy 31:6 reveal about why we don’t need to be
afraid of other people? Read Psalms 56:3 and note what David chose to
do when fear set in.

What have you feared lately? In light of David’s example, what will you
do to steer free of fear?