Liberating Lordship

Revelation 19:1
On His robe at His thigh was written this title: King of all kings and
Lord of all lords (v.16).

The King’s Speech depicts the surprising rise to
power of Prince Albert, who became King George
VI of England when his brother Edward abdicated
the throne to marry an American divorcée. Albert didn’t
want to be king, in part because his severe stuttering
often embarrassed him when he spoke to groups. And
this would prove important, for Albert had the misfortune
of being king during Hitler’s bombing of London. If ever
England needed strong leadership, it was then.

Eventually, Albert overcame his speech impediment
and rallied his people to withstand Germany’s blitzkrieg.
Although Albert was ultimately successful, his tenuous
reign illustrates the burden of leadership. Whoever’s in
charge is responsible.

We applaud Albert for his service to Great Britain. It’s
good to rise to the occasion and provide leadership when
needed, but leadership can sometimes be an unnecessary
burden that we take on ourselves. Even if you’re called to
lead your group or team, you can always enjoy the true
freedom of being a follower of Jesus. It’s a relief to know
that He is Lord of your life (Revelation 19:3). And if He’s Lord,
then you don’t have to be (v.5).

The only burden worse than being lord of your life is
the frustration of pretending to be in charge. Have you
ever had a job that demanded accountability but gave
you no real authority? You were held responsible for
sales or performance that you were powerless to change. In time you quit.
So why don’t we quit pretending that we are lord? Why would we even want
that responsibility? Let’s submit to Jesus, who possesses “all authority in heaven
and on earth” (Matthew 28:18; Revelation 19:15). Do what He says, and if
for some reason it doesn’t work out the way you expected, you can trust where
He leads.

—Mike Wittmer

Read Psalms 119:97 to learn the benefits of submitting to God as Lord
of your life.

What are you afraid to entrust to Jesus for fear that it won’t turn out as
you’d like? How are you shouldering more responsibility for your life
than you should?



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