Another Advocate

John 14:15
I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Advocate, who will
never leave you (v.16).

When I was asked to say a few words at
the farewell dinner for a friend who was
emigrating, I Googled for some help. Here’s
a sampling of what I found: “Every goodbye makes the
next hello closer.” “It is the end of something simple and
the beginning of everything else.” That last quote got
me thinking about what Jesus said when He gave His
farewell speech (John 13–16).

Jesus was returning to the Father (John 14:12). He said,
“It is best for you that I go away” (John 16:7). Only then
would the Father send them a gift—“another Advocate”
(14:16), “the Holy Spirit” (v.17).

The word Advocate or Paraklétos (John 14:16,26;
15:26; 16:7)—“one who helps or enables another
person,” is difficult to truly define. So the words
“Advocate” (NLT), “Helper” (NKJV), “Counselor” (NIV),
“Comforter” (KJV), “Companion” (CEB), “Intercessor,
Strengthener” (AMPLIFIED), and “Friend” (THE MESSAGE) are
all used to describe who the Holy Spirit is.

The Spirit is “another Advocate” (v.16). Two different
Greek words are translated “another”—Heteros,
another of a different kind; and allos, another of the
same kind. The Spirit is allos Paraklétos, an Advocate
of the same kind. Jesus, our Paraklétos (1 John 2:1),
sent His representative (John 14:26), not an inferior or
subordinate substitute, but an equal. The Spirit continues
Jesus’ ministry—comforting, encouraging, guiding,
strengthening, and teaching us everything—reminding
and enlightening us to all that Jesus taught (v.26, 16:12-15).
Jesus said “goodbye” to His disciples. But the Spirit’s “hello” marked the
beginning of something else—the birth of the church (Acts 2:1-21) and the
continuing ministry of Jesus through us (John 14:12; Acts 1:8).

—K.T. Sim

Read Acts 2 to find out about the day when the Father fulfilled Jesus’
promise and gave the Holy Spirit to His people, the church.

What did Jesus mean when He said that the Holy Spirit “will be in
you”? (John 14:17, see also 1 Corinthians 6:19-20). How should this
affect the way you live your life? (John 14:15,21; Romans 8:2,5-17).


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