Staying Grounded

Mark 8:1
[The Pharisees] came and started to argue with [Jesus]. Testing Him,
they demanded that He show them a miraculous sign (v.11).

Best-selling author John Eldredge recently wrote a
book about Jesus titled Beautiful Outlaw. One of
the things that struck Eldredge as he researched
and wrote his new work was noting how grounded Jesus
was as a person.

Eldredge wrote that Jesus had the “ability to navigate
praise, then hatred, false flattery, then adoring crowds,
vicious slander, and then people who simply don’t
care—all with a grace and a sense of self that was
simply stunning. Here was one grounded man.”
Jesus’ days were filled with ups and downs. For
example, consider one of the times the religious leaders
came to test Him—pressuring Jesus for another sign
to prove Himself (Mark 8:11). He had just arrived
from the other side of the Sea of Galilee where He had
miraculously fed 4,000 people with some fish and a few
loaves of bread (vv.1-10). But that miracle (along with
many others) wasn’t enough proof for the religious elite.
They demanded more, but Jesus knew there was no
point in doing more. Their hearts and minds were far
from Him.

A less-grounded person might have buckled under the
pressure and given in to their demands, but not Jesus. He
refused to enter into a needless debate. Only a wellgrounded
person could pull that off.

In order for us to stay grounded, Eldredge suggests the following: “Cut the
insane busyness. Do not live for tweets, texts, Facebook, or email. Unplug the
TV. Read Christian writers. . . . Practice solitude and silence (5 minutes a day
will rescue you). . . . Get back in the Scriptures.”

Intentionally centering ourselves in Jesus’ truth and grace is the best place
to begin. It may not change our circumstances, but abiding in Him will help us
honor His ways and keep us grounded.

—Jeff Olson

Read Luke 5:16 and note what helped keep Jesus grounded.

How are you staying grounded in Jesus? What changes do you need to
make so that you can be refreshed by Him?



unnoticed moms, llc from ignitermedia on godtube.