Gator Aid

Esther 4:1
Though it is against the law, I will go in to see the king. If I must die,
I must die (4:16).

When Alexis Dunbar returned home, she received
a huge surprise. A living, breathing alligator
was lurking in her guest bedroom! The 6-foot
gator had crawled out of a pond in her backyard and
somehow squeezed through a small, swinging door used
by Alexis’ cats. Wildlife crews trapped the wounded reptile
in a bathroom and subsequently released it back into the
wild. Alexis was greatly relieved when the wildlife crews
took the gator away. And, fortunately, no kitties were eaten
by the bewildered beast.

Queen Esther didn’t have to deal with a live alligator,
but she did come face-to-face with what could have been
the jaws of death. Due to the evil plot of a scoundrel
named Haman, all of her people—the Jews—were to be
exterminated (Esther 3:8). Esther had a choice—either
stay silent and allow them to be slaughtered, or go to the
king and seek His mercy (4:8). Going to the king without
being summoned, however, meant that the queen would be
“put to death unless the king [extended] the gold scepter to
[her]” (v.11).

Risking her life for her people, Esther said, “Though it is
against the law, I will go in to see the king. If I must die, I
must die” (v.16). She timidly entered his throne room and
. . . whew! . . . the king extended his golden scepter to
her—meaning that she was welcomed. Ultimately, Esther’s
people were saved because of her willingness to come to
their aid.

There are believers in Jesus in your life who need you to come to their aid
today. No gators or monarchs to be reckoned with. Instead, they’re wrestling with
dangerous choices, addictions, or serious sins that are threatening them. Come to
their aid by offering them courageous help and the truth spoken in love.

—Tom Felten

Read Philippians 2:4 and 1 John 1:17. Note what these verses tell
you to do for other believers in Jesus.

Do you know someone who could use some aid today in their battle with
darkness? What type of aid is God calling you to give those who are



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