"Hands Free"

Around our house, I am lovingly known as "the pack mule." I have an incessant desire to carry everything from the car in one load. Whether I'm walking across the grass or trying to haul an entire shopping trip in two hands, I always look for the shortest distance between two points. Heaven forbid that I should have to make multiple trips. More than once, I've discovered the inconvenience (and groceries-damaging practice) of trying to unlock the door with full hands.

Detailing David's battle with Goliath, 1 Samuel 17 takes us from his home to the frontlines. In the story, two phrases often get overlooked for their simplicity. Verse 20 says, "So David left the sheep with another shepherd," while verse 22 tells us, "David left his things with the keeper of the supplies."

When thinking about facing a Goliath, we want to know what the battle will demand. Will we have the faith to stand as David did? (vv.45-47). Will we have the confidence to reject man's ideas in order to use the weapons the Lord chooses? (vv.38-40). Our actions away from the battlefront hardly seem relevant.

But for David, victory wouldn't have come without his willingness to leave his sheep and his belongings behind. Imagine going to war with a flock and baggage in tow. Though he was not looking for a fight, David's ability to leave the right things behind made him ready.

Though the battle looks different for us, the principle is the same: God may ask us to leave what we're doing so that we can carry out His new assignment (v.20). When Goliath shows up, will you be ready?

, Regina Franklin

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