Never Too Late

Judges 16:23-30
Then Samson prayed to the Lord, “Sovereign
Lord, remember me again. O God, please
strengthen me just one more time” (v.28).

In the popular TV series LOST, a character named
Sayid Jarrah was an airplane crash survivor and
castaway on a mysterious tropical island. As a
former military interrogator, he was haunted by those he
tortured and spent much of his adult life trying to atone
for his past mistakes.

At the start of LOST’s final season, Sayid died from a
gunshot wound. He was resuscitated, however, by an
evil character (the unnamed man in black) and recruited
to the dark side. But just when viewers were convinced
that he had given himself completely over to evil, he
sacrificed his life to save his fellow crash survivors.
That shocking twist (something LOST fans were
accustomed to seeing) takes me back to the Old
Testament character Samson. Remember him? The longhaired
Nazirite, endowed by God’s Spirit with superhuman
strength to deliver Israel from the hands of the
Philistines? (Judges 13:5). Unfortunately, Samson became
full of himself and fell prey to manipulation by the woman
he loved (16:4). Eventually, Delilah coaxed him into
divulging the secret of his strength, which she then used
to betray him into the hands of his enemies (vv.5-21).
Samson’s foolish pride left him blind, weak, and in
shackles. Publicly disgraced and chained between
two massive pillars supporting the roof of a crowded
Philistine temple, Samson humbled himself and asked
God for one last feat of super-human strength. God granted Samson’s request.
And with one mighty push, Samson brought down the temple, destroying more
enemies in his death than he did while he was alive (Judges 16:23-30).

Samson’s life shows it’s never too late to come back to God and do something
great for Him. Even after we make huge mistakes, our lives can still be redeemed
for His purposes. —Jeff Olson

Read John 21:15-17 and
notice how Jesus shows
Peter, who denied Him
three times, that He was
not done with him.

In what ways do you
need to come back to
God? What makes it
possible for you to return
to Him?


Delilah - Tim Hawkins