Solid Ground

Matthew 7:21
Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the
winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on
bedrock (v.25).

Feelings lie. This truth became evident as my
husband and I talked with a young man who, after
becoming sexually active with his girlfriend, was
brokenhearted at how far he had moved from following
God’s Word. Trying to convince himself that God could
bring something good out of their sin, he had continued
in the relationship. On the basis of his feelings, a veil of
deception tightened over the eyes of his heart. Now he
was feeling terrible because he knew he needed to end
their relationship. He felt strongly that she was not the
woman God wanted him to marry.

Living in a culture where standards shift faster than
grains of sand in an hourglass, it’s easy to buy into the
lie that truth is relative. After all, who doesn’t feel more
comfortable living by what “feels right” in the moment,
especially when emotions speak so loudly?

But God’s Word doesn’t change (Psalm 119:89).
Consistent for eternity, God’s Word stands, not only
as our hope in times of desperation and uncertainty,
but also as our light even when we think we’ve got life
figured out (v.105).

Too often we try to put our house on the firm
foundation in the midst of a storm we’ve brought upon
ourselves. But, in reality, the building takes place long
before the winds rage. It happens in the everyday
decisions we make, in the times when the sun is still
shining and we’re choosing God’s ways or our own.

Unlike our feelings, God never lies and His plans never
fail (Numbers 23:19). There are times when we find it
easy to obey His Word because we feel its truth deep in our hearts. But there
are also times when we must choose obedience to its truths, whether we feel like
it or not. —Regina Franklin

Read Isaiah 55:1 to see why we need to exchange our feelings
for the truth of God’s Word—finding the promises that become
available to us when we obey.

How have your feelings for someone recently changed? How should
this experience change how you view your feelings? Why do you
sometimes try to negotiate with God when it comes
to obeying Him?