Moral Compass

Hebrews 5:11
Solid food is for those who are mature, who through training have
the skill to recognize the difference between right
and wrong (v.14).

If you’re a hiker who depends on a trusted compass to
find your way through the wilderness, it might be time
to invest in a GPS device. Why? The earth’s magnetic
field is changing. According to scientists, the magnetic
poles are “sliding towards Siberia at 34 miles per year at
a speed that has accelerated 36 percent over the past 10
years.” A compass, which relies on magnetic north, can
no longer be trusted. The good news is that fluctuations in
the magnetic field have occurred throughout history. Just
get that Garmin and you’ll be fine!

It’s obvious that there has been some serious “sliding”
in the way people view morality. We could definitely use
a moral compass fixed on a true north. That’s what the
writer of Hebrews presented to his readers in chapter 5.
These fluctuating believers, likely from house churches
in Rome, were “spiritually dull” and needed to be
taught once again “the basic things about God’s Word”
(vv.11-12). The writer wanted them to step up their intake
of “solid” Scripture so that they could “recognize the
difference between right and wrong” (v.14).

God’s Word provides the unchanging instruction we
need. It’s our moral compass to navigate life in a way
that glorifies Him. Take a few moments and read through
some of the Bible’s clear directions:

• Exodus 20:1-17: God’s great commands to obey.
• Mark 7:20-23: Jesus’ partial list of immoral things to
• Ephesians 4:17–5:21: Paul’s contrasting of morally right and wrong behaviors.
If we don’t take the time to feed on and consciously apply God’s truth to our
lives, we’ll remain spiritually dull. The fixed point of our compass will simply
move with the masses. Get God’s “Garmin” to find your way through the
wilderness. Get into His Word to find true moral direction.

—Tom Felten

Read 2 Timothy 3:16 to see how God’s Word prepares us to address
the moral issues of life.

Why do some people feel they don’t need a moral compass? What’s
one area in your life that needs the application of God’s moral instruction