I Am Hunger

Lamentations 2:18
Lift up your hands to Him in prayer, pleading for your children, for in
every street they are faint with hunger (v.19).

In a previous article, I wrote about four severely
malnourished siblings that I have been daily feeding.
The children—Joshua, Mirika, Ashaba, Katseme—
look drastically different now that they’ve been receiving
nutritious food on a regular basis. Their stomachs are no
longer bloated and their skin is no longer covered with
sores. And their hair is no longer falling out in patches.
Often, I think back to the unusual way I first met the
children. The oldest, Joshua, was caught stealing food in
my house. When I asked him why he chose to steal rather
than ask me for food, he replied, “Because I am hunger.”
Lamentations 4:9 claims, “Those killed by the sword
are better off than those who die of hunger.” If being
stabbed is a more pleasant way to pass on than starving
to death, it’s no wonder hunger drove Joshua to steal.
Intense hunger depletes a person’s strength (Job
18:12). It causes children to faint (Job 17:5; Lamentations
2:19), and causes the lowly of society to scrounge for
food in desolate places (Job 30:3).

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization
of the United Nations (FAO), “The new estimate of the
number of people who [suffered] chronic hunger [in 2011]
is 925 million.” Our God is a God who surely desires
that these hunger statistics improve. Just as He “satisfied
[the Israelites’] hunger” by providing meat and manna in
the wilderness (Psalm 105:40), God longs to open His
hand and “satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing” today (145:16).
Let’s join Him by praying earnestly for the millions of starving people around
the world, and by seeking tangible ways to help “satisfy the hunger” of His
“treasured ones” (17:14).

—Roxanne Robbins

In Isaiah 49:10, what did God promise He would do for those who
hungered and thirsted?

How can you help bring relief to someone who is experiencing extreme
hunger? How can the meeting of a person’s physical hunger lead to
opportunities to address their spiritual thirst?