Seeking & Following

Mark 10:17, Mark 10:46
Jesus said to him, “Go, for your faith has healed you.” Instantly the man
could see, and he followed Jesus down the road (v.52).

In Mark 10, we follow the lives of two men. Financially
they couldn’t be more different. Spiritually they have
much in common. Their stories teach us much.
One is a rich man who has all his physical needs met
(Mark 10:22); the other is a blind man who must beg for
his food (10:46). The rich man approaches Jesus with
ease; the poor man shouts over the crowds to be heard
(vv.47-48). The rich man falls to his knees and asks for
eternal life (v.17); the poor man sits on his mat, begging
for mercy (v.47). One is loved (v.21); the other affirmed
(v.49). Both get to spend time with the Master.

Jesus talks to the rich man about obeying the Law. “I’ve
obeyed all these commandments since I was young,”
the man replies (v.20). Jesus asks the poor man what he
wants, and gets this answer: “My Rabbi, . . . I want to
see!” (v.51). The first man is told to sell all that he has
and give to the poor—a command he considers too hard
(vv.21-22). The second man, in contrast, throws aside
his only coat (v.50) and soon experiences miraculous
healing (v.52). The rich man is told to “go” sell his
possessions, but declines (vv.21-22); the poor man is told
to “go” in faith, and follows (v.52). The rich man leaves
sad; the poor man becomes a disciple.

Many lessons emerge from these two stories—namely,
that wealth can be an idol that keeps us from God
(v.25). But note the similarities again: Both men had a
need, both thought Jesus held the answer, and both received His love. But only
one man relinquished his life to follow Jesus.

Jesus loves us all. The tragedy is this: His love for us doesn’t guarantee our
love for Him in return. Let’s do more than simply seek Him—let’s follow Him.
—Sheridan Voysey

Compare the blind man’s story to James and John asking Jesus for the best
seats in the kingdom (10:35-45). How do the two requests, and Jesus’
responses, differ?

What has Jesus asked you to relinquish in order to follow Him? What’s
the difference between seeking and following?