1 Samuel 17:17
David persisted. . . . The Lord who rescued me from the claws of the lion
and the bear will rescue me from this Philistine! (vv.34,37).

The film October Sky tells the remarkable story
of a teenage boy’s dream to build rockets. After
watching Sputnik, the first earth-orbiting artificial
satellite, race across the night sky in 1957, a deep
desire was ignited within Homer Hickam to make rockets
and become a part of NASA’s space program.
The problem was that nearly everything in Homer’s
life was set against his dream. He lived in a tiny
West Virginia coal mining town that offered him few
opportunities. His friends thought he was nuts. And his
father, who pressured his son to become a miner, did
everything he could to make sure his desires flamed
out. But Homer persevered. He fought through the stiff
opposition and eventually realized his dream.

Homer Hickam’s story reminds me of the teenage
shepherd boy David. Jesse, David’s father, had sent him
out to check on the welfare of his brothers who were
fighting on the front lines against the Philistines (1 Samuel
17:17-19). As David talked with his brothers, the Philistine
giant Goliath stepped out and challenged any Israelite
who had the guts to come out and fight him (v.23).

After learning that Goliath had been taunting Israel
for 40 days, a desire to fight the giant sprang up in
David. When he made it known that he had heard
enough defiant words from the Philistine (v.26), David
was confronted by his brother Eliab. Afraid that his little
brother would show him up, he accused David of coming only to watch the
combat (v.28). But David persevered and withstood the opposition (vv.29-30).
He knew God had called and prepared him to fight this epic battle (vv.34-37).

Don’t let others force you into compromising the person you know God has
called you to be. Like David and Homer, fight through the opposition—and
persevere! —Jeff Olson

Read Job 17:9 to learn what people do who are truly persevering in God.

What opposition are you facing in becoming the person you were meant
to be? How are you persevering in Jesus?