City on The HIll

by Casting Crowns

This story song depicts the body of Christ. Jesus Himself referenced his Church as a city on a hill, a beacon of welcoming brightness and truth to the world.

The song draws a picture of two old men sitting and talking. They’re trying to remember what happened to the city on the hill because it’s not there anymore. As they weave through the stories, they remember the warriors thought everyone was weak so they went off and started their own city. The dancers didn’t think everyone had enough spirit so they went off and started their own city. It’s an allegory of the factions of the modern Church, the result of predominantly like-minded people often dwelling upon non-essentials and personal taste to go their own direction.

If you were to walk in your church right now and ask five different people, “What is the most important emphasis in your church?” each would give a different answer. One would say the proclamation of God’s Word is most important, one would say discipleship, another would say small groups, and yet another would say missions. God designed us with different personalities and preferences. Unfortunately, we often make personalities and preferences the priority.

First 1 Corinthians 1:1 inspired this song. The Apostle Paul recognized the differences in us all—some of us are a hand, some are a foot, some an eye—but we all serve a distinct and important purpose and are interdependent. We have to dwell on our like-mindedness if we are ever going forge a lasting impact for God’s Kingdom. The song reminds us that we really do complete each other in the kingdom when we come together.