by Dalton Diehl of SAMESTATE


Matthew 5:13

"You are the light of the world -- like a city on a mountain, glowing in the night for all to see." (v.14)


A shadow is the evidence of light; a dark spot where light

is refused to stand.

We, as humans, are always being pulled by something. The

song "Shadows" is a song that addresses a situation most all

of us have been in. The after math of a good decision. What

comes after making a move to follow the Lord closer? Why

is it so hard?

Many would equate a shadow with a place to rest or a block

from the extreme heat. I would challenge you to keep clear

from the shadow. Many will walk through the heat and choose

the more comfortable route. But as believers we are pushed to

make a decision for the Lord and take the light we have and show

hope and love to the dark spots around us. Because of the fall of

man and the battle between good and evil, it is inevitable that we

will feel a tug away from the light. We may feel tempted to give

in to the heat and choose the more comfortable and relaxing road.

Don't become slave to the darkness. Don't listen to Satan. Take

your light and shine it to the shadows.




samestate - shadows (stairway sessions) from emimusic on godtube.