Read: Psalms 8

O LORD, our Lord, the majesty of your name fills the earth! (v.8)

I use to go surfing a lot when I lived in Seattle. A buddy of mine and I would get up on Tuesday mornings and drive down to Westport and surf for most of the day. There is something very moving about the sea. It is so large and deep and so unknown that it carries with it an almost spooky feeling. The waves in Washington are a pretty good size and if you just stop for a moment and listen to them as they pass, you hear a thundering roar of pure power. Sometimes I like just to sit out there and feel the power of the tide and the moving of the water.

It is mind boggling to me that God took so much time and energy to create a world that is so wild, yet so perfect, and can crush you if you don’t play by its rules.

I am very wild at heart. I love adventure, but what really moves me is the One who created this wild world. I have tried so hard to figure Him out. To find all I can about Him. He is so mysterious and I am starting to believe that His mystery is His romance. The more and more I try to find out about God, the more I realize I know nothing about Him. And if I really get honest and ask myself what it is that drives this need to know everything about Him, I find that it is just insecurities within me. I think that somewhere down deep, I believe that if I know enough, then I can trust in what I know rather than trust in a wild and mysterious God. God cannot be boxed. Nor can I fit Him in my head. I am learning to let go and trust that God knows what I need. If I listen and follow, the ride in which He takes us upon is the greatest adventure there is.

Getting out of my head and into my heart takes practice and prayer. I am just glad that God is God, and that He has invited us into His story. So let us set sail upon this sea of mystery and allow Him to be the wind that guides us. God is romantic, wild, beautiful, gentle, and full of love. He is also the greatest mystery and the only one worth our lives.

-Shawn McDonald


Shawn McDonald - Mystery (Acoustic)