God of My Everything

by Bebo Norman

2 Corinthians 12:1

Each time He said, "My gracious favor is all you need. My power works best in your weakness." So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may work through me.

God of My Everything is a prayer that I wrote watching my older brother’s 15-year struggle with addiction and recovery.   It is a difficult thing to speak openly in our Christian communities about what it means for a fellow believer to struggle with something as culturally frowned upon as addiction…but it has been perhaps the most inspiring story that I have ever witnessed.  I have seen firsthand what it means for someone to truly offer God everything…every lie, every deceptive word, every foolish thought, every weakness, every single thing finally laid down before the mercy of God.  I watched God step into the humiliation and the shame and the brokenness of addiction (and all the peripheral damage that goes along with it) and impart a brand of goodness and healing that is simply incomprehensible.  We hear it said over and over again that God wants us “just as we are,” but I don’t think we really believe it.  This song is a prayer for God to truly be the God of everything…every single part of us…the good and the grotesque.  To acknowledge that God is the God of our most shameful failures, our fears, our faults, our brokenness, and even our addictions – and yet his love for us DOES NOT CHANGE – is to acknowledge that God is truly the God of our salvation, our peace, our hope and our absolute healing.

One of the phrases used often in recovery is “you’re only as sick as your secrets.”  It’s one of the reasons that confession and speaking things out loud is such a foundational element in the process of recovery.  What a profound and powerful truth.  I would dare say that much of the damage of addiction comes not from the darkness of substances that are put inside the body, but in the darkness of secrets that are held inside the heart.  How true that rings to ALL of us, not just those suffering from addiction.  The cycles of guilt and shame in our lives that cause us to bury secret after secret behind lies and deception and facades of “stability” constantly bombard us and steal the life that God intends for us.

What are we afraid to lay before God?  What are we afraid to let go of?  What is our “everything?”  My brother’s “everything” was his addiction, and all the secrets that go with it.  Our secrets can sometimes be something as serious as addiction, but they can also be simple deceptions that are equally as invasive and destructive.  One of the great struggles of my life has been doubt.  My mind gets twisted around all that this world, and even theology, throws our way and I begin to doubt who I am, where this world is headed, and who God is.  It is constant and daily effort to offer that doubt before God, and more importantly to realize that He WANTS it.  That He wants every single part of me, even the dark and hidden corners.  God is not intimidated by my doubt.  God is not intimidated by my brother’s addiction.  And God is not intimidated by your “everything” either.  I believe in a God who is bigger than that.

The question is, what is your “everything?”  There is a reason that confession and speaking things out loud is such a foundational part of the addiction recovery process. But it’s a borrowed idea…borrowed from the scripture itself.  We want to hear from you- what is it that you need to give God.  He will take it.  http://bebonorman.com/god-of-my-everything/


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