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  • What I Do At The Beach...What I Do At The Beach...
    Robin loves the beach. and she loves sharing the Love of God. It only made sense to combine the two.crulegacy2014-07-07T14:19:04291 views00:08:48
  • Forgive My Father?Forgive My Father?
    Gladys shares how God asked her to do the impossible and was amazed at what happened next.crulegacy2014-07-07T11:09:04453 views00:07:32
  • The Contract - Vonette BrightThe Contract - Vonette Bright
    Vonette shares the story of how two people committed to God and His vision can change the world for the Lordcrulegacy2014-07-03T17:04:05783 views00:04:22
  • Heavenly HospitalityHeavenly Hospitality
    Nan shares how every woman can have a fruitful ministry right in their own homes. - See more at: http://legacyccc.comcrulegacy2014-04-03T14:50:10992 views00:04:19
  • Andre KoleAndre Kole
    World Renowned Illusionist, Andre Kole, investigates Jesus miracles to find out if he was really God or just a great magician.crulegacy2014-04-03T14:25:24630 views00:05:52
  • Eternal Investment PlanEternal Investment Plan
    Chinese Businessman, Andrew Liuson, shares the lessons he learned in life and the Bible about investing.crulegacy2014-04-03T14:16:59534 views00:04:33
  • Josh McDowell - Catastrophic LoveJosh McDowell - Catastrophic Love
    Josh McDowell shares his testimony of a family life filled with hate, rage, addiction, and shame. And how God turned that into a story of love, redemption, forgiveness, and truth. - See more at: crulegacy2014-04-03T12:12:17684 views00:16:37
  • The Untold Story of Black Hawk DownThe Untold Story of Black Hawk Down
    Jeff Struecker shares his experience while living the real life events that became the movie Black Hawk Down. Jeff was one of the Rangers in that battle in Mogadishu and tells how he overcame the fear of death and got a new perspective on life tha...crulegacy2014-04-02T17:52:01596 views00:08:16