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  • SomniumSomnium
    Some of this video will be understood if you have seen Twilight. Yeah, that teen-pop vampire flick that has caused such a stir among people. There was supposed to be more to it, but my audio was not that great, so the video has been shortened, but...countryboy24902010-10-02T01:47:151,029 views00:03:01
  • What Happens in the Koebel Household When You Do Not Go to SleepWhat Happens in the Koebel Household When You Do Not Go to Sleep
    Here is a little video where Josh and I scared some of the kids because they were talking and playing around when they were supposed to be going to sleep. It worked! They stopped and went to sleep.

    Disclaimer: I am not wanting to support th...
    countryboy24902010-10-02T01:37:271,462 views00:01:28
  • *Roadrunner Chasing**Roadrunner Chasing*
    Here is a video of something I did for fun while I was in New Mexico.countryboy24902010-10-02T01:26:501,740 views00:02:07
  • The First Call of the Sleeping Bags VideoThe First Call of the Sleeping Bags Video
    The call of the sleeping bags started as a joke between Josh and my family on a trip he went on with us. This was a video we did on it. Cody starts off by bragging to Josh what calls he can do...countryboy24902010-10-02T01:25:281,611 views00:02:35
  • Dirty Clothes Video BlogDirty Clothes Video Blog
    Here is me in my messy room with my large pile of dirty clothes. I do not like my room when it is that messy, but I can tolerate it. At least for a while.countryboy24902010-10-02T01:22:571,785 views00:01:44
  • Video Blog from New MexicoVideo Blog from New Mexico
    After we finished the Sunday Service at Playas Community Ministries, we were getting ready to eat...countryboy24902010-10-02T01:18:361,500 views00:03:38
  • Mission Team to Playas Community MinistriesMission Team to Playas Community Ministries
    Here is a video I put together of footage that was shot with my camera of the several days to help work on the church and do VBS for the local kids. It is not the best video I have done. My camera has its limitations and Windows Movie Maker gave m...countryboy24902010-10-02T01:02:461,585 views00:05:08
  • The Duel of the WestThe Duel of the West
    This is a video I made with two of my little brothers while in New Mexico. There was a problem with two of the title slides. Oh, and check out the bloopers at the end. They are good. Well, some of them are. Enjoy.countryboy24902010-10-02T00:45:591,604 views00:03:48
  • The Koebel's Travel to Narnia Part 2The Koebel's Travel to Narnia Part 2
    Here is part 2 to our Narnia videos. Sorry, but the audio isn't great and it is kinda hard to see. But please enjoy anyway.countryboy24902010-10-02T00:38:581,763 views00:04:16
  • The Koebel's Travel to Narnia Part 1The Koebel's Travel to Narnia Part 1
    A simple game of hide-and-seek ends up getting this family of 9 kids into the land of Narnia.countryboy24902010-10-02T00:36:191,898 views00:02:32
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks performing Witch DoctorAlvin and the Chipmunks performing Witch Doctor
    Here is yet another video of the the Chipmunks-well, my sister, Grace, my cousin, Christy, and I dressing up as them and lip syncing another song. Enjoy.countryboy24902010-10-02T00:12:513,479 views00:03:04
  • The NEW ROCK VERSION of the Chipmunk SongThe NEW ROCK VERSION of the Chipmunk Song
    Here is another video of my sister, Grace, my cousin, Christy, and I, Donny, performing a song by the Chipmunks. Enjoy.countryboy24902010-10-02T00:06:242,859 views00:02:17
  • Bike Ridin' with Donny and PaPaBike Ridin' with Donny and PaPa
    Here is the highly anticipated(well, not really) video of PaPa and I going biking. Some content may scare some of you(Michaella & Mommy) and some stuff may make you laugh, which is good. Sit back and enoy. Oh, and sorry for the shakey came...countryboy24902010-10-01T22:56:091,376 views00:07:11
  • Happy Birthday PaPa!Happy Birthday PaPa!
    Hey PaPa, this is from your grandkids wishing you Happy Birthday! We love you!countryboy24902008-03-17T00:00:002,813 views00:00:30
  • Alvin and the ChipmunksAlvin and the Chipmunks
    This is a video of my sister,Grace, my cousin, Christy and I performing an Alvin and the Chipmunks song. It's kind of a long story how this got started, but lets just say it started as a joke and now we had to perform it in front of family. Luckly...countryboy24902008-03-17T00:00:005,425 views00:02:15
  • Alvin and The Chipmunks pt.2Alvin and The Chipmunks pt.2
    This is another video of an Alvin and the Chipmunks song my sister, Grace, my cousin, Christy and I did. The song is entitled "Chipmunk Fun." We missed the first few seconds of it, but it's still good. Enjoy.countryboy24902008-03-17T00:00:003,825 views00:01:36