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  • The Voice Of GodThe Voice Of God
    There's a sucker born every minute.cobutler2015-07-12T17:45:02295 views00:38:07
  • Cities Of RefugeCities Of Refuge
    Original music by Carmen Butler.cobutler2011-05-13T21:29:33730 views00:02:50
  • Dance Of The AngelsDance Of The Angels
    Resurrection Day presentation by the UNASHAMED dance ministry of the Allegheny Valley Church Of God in New Kensington, Pa. Worshiping our Lord in Messianic and Davidic dance.cobutler2011-05-11T18:29:33994 views00:05:45
  • Just A Little Talk With JesusJust A Little Talk With Jesus
    The old hymn played on an old Silvertone guitar. Gospel blues, fingerstyle.cobutler2011-04-26T21:20:34674 views00:01:43
  • Worship In Dance - Cathy Shelton - I Lift My HandsWorship In Dance - Cathy Shelton - I Lift My Hands
    Worship Him in the dance with Sis. Cathy Shelton at the Allegheny Valley Church of God in New Kensington, Pa.cobutler2011-03-21T09:07:22892 views00:04:52
  • Japan Disaster God's Wrath? Are You Ready For The Rapture?Japan Disaster God's Wrath? Are You Ready For The Rapture?
    Was the quake and tsunami in Japan an act of God or just a quirk of nature? Why would a loving God let this happen? Death comes to all sooner or later. We will all spend eternity somewhere in a body. Where will you spend yours? Preaching from the ...cobutler2011-03-14T10:51:28819 views00:39:09
  • Super Bowl XLV - Get A LifeSuper Bowl XLV - Get A Life
    From the heart of Steelers Nation. Life goes on. Put your trust in Jesus for your eternity. You'll forget about this game after awhile, but eternity is a long time.cobutler2011-02-08T21:35:42556 views00:08:29
  • The Lord Is My Light - Ps 27 - Original MusicThe Lord Is My Light - Ps 27 - Original Music
    Ps 27, music by Carmen Butler, words mostly by King David. God is our strength and defense against any enemy. cobutler2011-01-26T05:05:37666 views00:03:30
  • Kingdom Living In A Christless CultureKingdom Living In A Christless Culture
    We are in this world but not of it. Kingdom living isn't about how much stuff you can get, it's about how close you are to your creator. To experience the kingdom on the outside, you've got to have it on the inside. Preaching from the Allegheny Va...cobutler2011-01-16T17:00:11508 views00:44:12
  • Gird Up The Loins Of Your MindGird Up The Loins Of Your Mind
    Are you ready for the trials to come? A study in 1 Pet 1:13 and 2 Cor. 10. We all have strongholds that must be demolished. God is getting ready to send judgment to His church. Are you ready to stand?cobutler2010-12-28T13:36:11748 views00:39:00
  • Unashamed Dance Ministry - EmmanuelUnashamed Dance Ministry - Emmanuel
    Worship in dance by Unashamed, the dance ministry of the Allegheny Valley Church of God in New Kensington, Pa. under the direction of Mrs. Cathy Shelton.cobutler2010-12-19T21:40:31558 views00:03:42
  • Things That Are Not As Though They WereThings That Are Not As Though They Were
    Mary was a young woman awaiting the time when her promised groom would come and take her to the marriage chamber. Little did she know that her Lord had other plans. As the church waits for it's bridegroom I wonder what plans God has for us. Preach...cobutler2010-12-12T17:15:50474 views00:42:31
  • A Priest After The Order Of MelchizedekA Priest After The Order Of Melchizedek
    Jesus became our eternal high priest after the order of Melchizedek, the King of Righteousness, the King of Peace. No religion could ever make us acceptable in His sight, only the blood of the high priest offered by his own hands. Don't waste your...cobutler2010-12-05T23:31:01577 views00:41:36
  • The New Covenant - Communion ServiceThe New Covenant - Communion Service
    Jesus took the cup and said it was the cup of the new testament, or covenant, written in his blood which was shed for the forgiveness of sins. If there's a new one there must be an old one. Why change? A study from the book of Hebrews on the bette...cobutler2010-12-05T22:46:05797 views00:44:18
  • Christmas - God's InterventionChristmas - God's Intervention
    Most cults will deny the existence of the triune God - God eternally existing in three persons - Father Son and Spirit. Find out how He has revealed Himself and His plan through the revelation of His Son and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Mak...cobutler2010-12-01T09:05:48477 views00:35:57
  • Lo, I Am With You AlwaysLo, I Am With You Always
    A bad rendition of a great song by the guitar master Rev. Gary Davis. Jesus said he'd never leave us or forsake us.cobutler2010-11-30T18:55:48788 views00:02:59