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  • Lost and FoundLost and Found
    It's never fun to lost things. The worst thing we can lose is our way - that’s when it’s time to search for God. And when we search for God, we are the thing that get found. Buy here: centralfilms2012-06-06T21:44:0625,937 views00:01:55
  • ChairsChairs
    Sometimes God calls us to move from where we are to where He wants us to be. If we want to get closer to him, it means leaving comfort and heading into the unknown. It can be as complicated as a complete life change... or as simple as giving up a ...centralfilms2011-12-01T20:51:3021,479 views00:02:00
  • The RugThe Rug
    A man steps on several rugs: relationships, the economy, family... only to have those rugs yanked out from under him. In the end he sees the only truly solid ground to stand on is God. A humorous way to illustrate the need to have God alone as our...centralfilms2011-12-01T20:31:2213,984 views00:01:50
  • JudgedJudged
    Jesus was quick to love and slow to judge, but sometimes his followers get it backwards. These real-life stories remind us all of the need to balance truth with grace. This video can be purchased - centralfilms2011-11-30T16:54:5640,217 views00:04:27
  • Reasons (People Don't Go to Church)Reasons (People Don't Go to Church)
    Common objections answered by real people who love the church. This is a great way to reach out to the community, encourage visitors and affirm your values as a life-saving body of Christ.

    This film and others can be purchased from Cen...
    centralfilms2011-11-29T16:15:0010,756 views00:02:14
  • Baggage (Celebrate Recovery Edition)Baggage (Celebrate Recovery Edition)
    We all carry around baggage. It trips us up and wears us out... and the only way to deal with it is to let go. Special Edition created just for churches that offer Celebrate Recovery.

    This video and more available for purchase from Cent...
    centralfilms2011-11-20T13:59:5514,466 views00:02:24
  • Amazing GraceAmazing Grace
    An emotional video where people hold up signs describing how their lives have changed. The stories are all true... and it's all thanks to God's Amazing Grace. This video and more can be purchased from CentralFilms - centralfilms2011-11-20T13:09:5431,744 views00:02:16
  • Christmas Makin People Crazy Yo!Christmas Makin People Crazy Yo!
    Ever feel like people go just a little bit nuts at Christmas-time? We do too, so we made a rap about it.

    This video and more can be purchased from CentralFilms ->
    centralfilms2011-11-20T13:04:568,539 views00:02:42
  • What is the ChurchWhat is the Church
    Sometimes people in church become spectators. They think church is an event they go to or a building they meet in.This video simply explains the idea that each believer is part of Christ’s body. You are not a spectator - you are the church.
    centralfilms2011-11-20T12:54:564,564 views00:02:10
  • MasksMasks
    We all like to make a good impression, but when it comes to God and the church, honesty is the best policy. A creative video about God’s grace and acceptance, and the need for authenticity in our spiritual lives.

    This video and more can...
    centralfilms2011-11-18T12:49:584,830 views00:02:51
  • FearFear
    People have a lot of fears they wish would go away, but there's one fear we all need more of. A video of http://centralchristian.com. Buy here: centralfilms2011-03-19T14:17:4142,221 views00:01:45