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  • Chancel Choir PerformanceChancel Choir Performance
    The Grace UMC Chancel Choir performs "The Glory of the Lord"carlislegrace12010-10-02T00:51:151,125 views00:04:51
  • Pastoral Prayer - Jan 11Pastoral Prayer - Jan 11
    Morning prayer from 8:30 Sanctuary Servicecarlislegrace12010-10-02T00:51:081,810 views00:06:29
  • Chancel Choir PerformanceChancel Choir Performance
    The Grace UMC Chancel Choir performs "The Glory of the Lord"carlislegrace12010-10-02T00:51:081,608 views00:04:49
  • Little Dog Puts Away His ProblemsLittle Dog Puts Away His Problems
    One thing I love about dogs is how they just don't dwell on things. One minute they might be upset about something, and the next they are all happy and thrilled just to be with you! They just live moment to moment. How I wish it was that easy for ...carlislegrace12010-10-01T23:18:314,229 views00:00:35
  • The Backwards DogThe Backwards Dog
    I accidentally uploaded the wrong version of this video, so had to delete the old one and try again! This is my sheltie Taz showing how many different things he can do backwards.

    Do you always seem to be going "backwards" ...
    carlislegrace12010-10-01T23:12:543,829 views00:02:35
  • Shelties playing Tug-o-warShelties playing Tug-o-war
    Is there anything as persistent as a couple of dogs playing tug-o-war? These two shelties of mine kept going at this longer than I was able to film! It reminded me of the lesson of persistent prayer. Jesus tells the story in Luke 11:5-8 of a man, ...carlislegrace12010-10-01T23:07:354,076 views00:00:54
  • Amazing Blindfolded Dog!Amazing Blindfolded Dog!
    Here's my sheltie performing his blindfold routine on Pet Star. He's the first dog ever to do tricks like these! How did we accomplish such difficult stunts? It all comes down to the amazing relationship we have and the total trust and faith he ha...carlislegrace12010-10-01T23:06:105,495 views00:03:50
  • Dog Finds a State QuarterDog Finds a State Quarter
    Here my dog does one of his favorite tricks, finding a state quarter. It seems obvious at first that he is looking for the coin that the host of the show touches, but then you realize, the guy touches a whole bunch of coins! How then does he do it...carlislegrace12010-10-01T23:05:424,040 views00:02:05
  • Dog performing BlindfoldedDog performing Blindfolded
    I had trained my sheltie Taz to sit with a blindfold on his face for another trick that we did, and one day after performing it, another trainer came to me and said: "Now, if he did the WHOLE trick blindfolded, that would truly be amazing!&qu...carlislegrace12010-10-01T23:04:464,136 views00:03:04
  • Sermon - Strong & WiseSermon - Strong & Wise
    What do we learn from Jesus' childhood?carlislegrace12009-01-11T00:00:001,037 views00:17:57