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  • Hobbits can do Big ThingsHobbits can do Big Things
    Me and my friend were watching Lord of the Rings and I thought, you know, that song from Dave and the Giant Pickle would work well with this! So I decided to make a veggietales/Lord of the Rings music video! Hope you like it!pirateswordsgirl122010-10-02T00:45:562,444 views00:02:19
  • ShadowlandsShadowlands
    The final king of Narnia,
    Back against a wall,
    Captured by the enemy,
    Raise a desperate call:

    How can this be happening?
    How can this be true?
    Narnia is dying,
    And Aslan, is this you?
    hobbit_of_narnia2014-07-19T20:44:05384 views00:01:53
  • The Lion's CallThe Lion's Call
    This is a song I came up with a couple years ago, before I even realized there was a site called "The Lion's Call". But the song kept its title anyway for lack of any better one.

    Called by a Lion,
    I'm called by a Lion...
    hobbit_of_narnia2014-07-22T18:14:04432 views00:02:35