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  • Brian's Bible News SegmentBrian's Bible News Segment
    I have found key verses in the Bible that pertain to the subject of news itself. Added graphics are included with this video.bsanders492013-06-10T15:15:35258 views00:06:23
  • Verses of the Bible from DeueronomyVerses of the Bible from Deueronomy
    I found some really important verses in the Bible that really has some significant meaning for our lives. A little added visual dramatization was added to give this video an additional meaning. 4-27-2013 (Original recording date)bsanders492013-06-10T15:15:31223 views00:02:56
  • Brian Sanders reading from MatthewBrian Sanders reading from Matthew
    I found some much needed verses that should be heard by the viewing public.bsanders492013-05-04T01:29:05274 views00:05:42