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  • Christian Comedian Michael Jr. goes JoggingChristian Comedian Michael Jr. goes Jogging
    Michael Jr is just jogging as a lady starts to run, so to be safe, he starts to run as wellmichaeljrcomedy2008-03-17T00:00:00202,933 views00:01:43
  • Pray With Your Neighbor-COMEDIAN MICHAEL JR.Pray With Your Neighbor-COMEDIAN MICHAEL JR.
    Comedian and friend of tangle, Michael Jr reflects on the funny and ironic happenings of when the pastor asks you to pray for your neighbor. This is hilarious...michaeljrcomedy2010-10-02T02:03:5737,086 views00:02:08
  • Tim Hawkins - On Marriage (with John and Bob)Tim Hawkins - On Marriage (with John and Bob)
    The key to a good marriage is one that is full of fun and laughter. Tim and the guys share some hysterical stories of the lovely women in their lives. Share your funny story on marriage in the comments! On sale now! The Rockshow Comedy Tour 2 DVD ...timhawkinscomedy2011-06-13T15:29:06294,199 views00:03:10
  • Tim Hawkins - On the Perils of Childhood (With Bob John)Tim Hawkins - On the Perils of Childhood (With Bob  John)
    What do hot metal slides, paddle ball and Wii baseball all have in common? They can be dangerous and sometimes painful! In this hysterical video, Tim, Bob and John reminisce of these dangerous toys that we can all relate to! Share your funny story...timhawkinscomedy2011-06-27T15:09:41165,511 views00:02:50
  • Tim Hawkins - Have You Eaten?Tim Hawkins - Have You Eaten?
    We would be lost without our moms. Rooms around the world would be eternally dirty, meals would be continuously skipped and curfews would never be enforced. Tim Hawkins shares his hysterical recollection of the dear mother that shaped him into the...timhawkinscomedy2011-08-01T14:00:07238,576 views00:01:40
  • Tim Hawkins - Girls vs BoysTim Hawkins - Girls vs Boys
    This may be Tim's funniest clip yet! God made girls and boys different for a reason. Tim delivers his hiliarious perspective on the science and chemistry of girls vs. boys. If your in the mood for a laugh, then don't miss this funny video! You can...timhawkinscomedy2011-08-08T16:25:05643,959 views00:01:16
  • Tim Hawkins - Christmas iPods and CassettesTim Hawkins - Christmas iPods and Cassettes
    We all love our children the same... except maybe when they bellyache about getting the wrong color iPod for Christmas. Tim jokes about the trials and tribulations of Christmas gift shopping in this GodTube Exclusive clip, which comes from Tim's c...timhawkinscomedy2011-12-12T14:29:05221,536 views00:02:53
  • Laugh for Life Gala 2011 - Michael Jr. - FuneralLaugh for Life Gala 2011 - Michael Jr. - Funeral
    Comedian Michael Jr. on life as a 7 year old sees it during the 8th annual Laugh for Life Gala on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. A record $51,000 was raised for The Mustard Seed and Candeo Housing As...laughforlifegala2012-02-07T20:09:233,375 views00:01:26
  • Stuff Christians Say Stuff Christians Say
    All in good fun, Tripp and Tyler showcase a variety of funny, yet common Christian verbiage. :) You will definitely get a laugh out of this one today! Download here: worshiphousemedia2012-10-19T14:24:07382,345 views00:02:12