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  • God Pursues A Love Relationship - Henry Blackaby God Pursues A Love Relationship - Henry Blackaby
    God is pursuing a love relationship with you! Dr. Blackaby shares his experiences throughout his years of ministry. He shares several Biblical passages related to God's love for all of us. brministries2016-05-25T07:27:42211 views01:09:54
  • Recognizing the Voice of God - Henry BlackabyRecognizing the Voice of God - Henry Blackaby
    Do you hear the voice of God? Dr. Blackaby takes you on a expositional sermon from John 10 that is filled with practical insights and illustrations on the kind of intimacy that makes it possible to recognize God's voice.brministries2016-05-25T02:29:17193 views01:02:10
  • Handling Criticism - Neil AndersonHandling Criticism - Neil Anderson
    Are you quick at defending yourself? Have you put your rights to death? All believers need to understand how to handle criticism in their own life. God honors us when we go through criticism by listening and following the leading of the Holy Spiri...brministries2016-05-25T01:12:2897 views01:01:58
  • Overcoming Depression - Neil AndersonOvercoming Depression - Neil Anderson
    Most believers at one point in our lives will suffer from depression. What if depression is not a chemical or physical effect, but an attack from the enemy? Science is so quick to explain away our need for drugs to fix the problem, but gives no gl...brministries2016-05-25T00:32:52178 views01:13:44
  • Freedom From Addictions - Neil AndersonFreedom From Addictions - Neil Anderson
    Do you strongholds or addictions in your life? Have you been searching and searching for freedom, but are still struggling? This message by Dr. Anderson is for you and others. It shares the importance of knowing who you are in Christ, and living t...brministries2016-05-24T20:22:57109 views00:40:39
  • How to Forgive Others - Corrie Ten BoomHow to Forgive Others - Corrie Ten Boom
    Could you forgive someone who has killed your family? Could you forgive someone who betrayed your family to their death? Corrie Ten Boom shares how being a follower of Jesus that forgiveness is possible and required for us. She shares how God taug...brministries2016-05-24T16:18:11183 views00:07:14
  • Corrie Ten Boom Interview 1974 with SubtitlesCorrie Ten Boom Interview 1974 with Subtitles
    The Ten Boom family hid jews in their home from the Nazi, but were discovered and sent to concentration camps. All perished in the camps, but Corrie. This is the Interview from 1974 with The Hiding Place Christian movie of Nazi Concentration Camp ...brministries2016-05-24T16:18:0586 views00:07:20
  • Revival CharacteristicsRevival Characteristics
    Do you want revival to break out in America? In your Home? In your work? In your church? This video shares the importance of character before, during, and after revival. If we are not prepared then when revival comes, we could be in trouble. Uploa...brministries2016-02-15T17:22:0046 views00:05:53
  • Be A person of Integrity / Honesty - Francis ChanBe A person of Integrity / Honesty - Francis Chan
    Do you struggle with telling the truth? Is your life filled with purity and the glory of God? If not you need to become a person of integrity! The only role model that all believers have is Jesus. Francis shares how to make integrity and honesty a...brministries2016-01-14T16:06:48207 views00:40:31
  • Francis Chan - Impact of Sacrificial LoveFrancis Chan - Impact of Sacrificial Love
    Do you know God? This message is unique because it is outside at a worship service. God's love can touch the deepest parts of lives and in fact can change our lives. Jesus lead how to live a sacrificial life for the Love of sinners. Uploaded with ...brministries2015-09-17T23:20:59371 views00:38:56
  • Don't Give Up - Chris HodgesDon't Give Up - Chris Hodges
    Are you in a trial or battle? Is everything in you screaming to run away or give up? God gives his kids dreams to live for, but often in our lives the journey is not as smooth as we would like it. This message will change your life and encourage y...brministries2015-07-27T23:55:0410,237 views00:46:27
  • Francis Chan - Fight the Good FightFrancis Chan - Fight the Good Fight
    Who are you fighting in your life? Often times believers are fighting the wrong person. Our strength comes from God and we are fight against lies, deception, and the enemy daily. Uploaded with permissionbrministries2015-07-27T18:30:271,114 views01:02:19
  • Spiritual Warfare 1 - 3 Enemies - Mark BubeckSpiritual Warfare 1 - 3 Enemies - Mark Bubeck
    The Bible says we face the World, The Flesh, and The Devil. Do you understand how all three of these enemies attack you? Do you see evidence of them in your life? As believers we must understand how we are vulnerable and can be defeated and fight ...brministries2015-07-02T14:14:53782 views00:58:49
  • Spiritual Warfare 2 - Absolutes of Grace - Mark BubeckSpiritual Warfare 2 - Absolutes of Grace - Mark Bubeck
    Do you have a correct biblical view of grace? This view of grace directly affects your spiritual conduct in your life. Believers need grace through out of daily battle with the enemy and against our own flesh. Uploaded with permission from Deeper ...brministries2015-07-02T14:09:54375 views00:43:20
  • Rebellion to Authority - Larry CoyRebellion to Authority - Larry Coy
    Teens struggle with Rebellion, but so do adults. The Bible is filled with teaching on how rebellion affects my life. It shows that rebellion will destroy me.
    brministries2015-07-02T13:44:57694 views00:56:55
  • The Glory of God in Moral Purity (Audio) - Paul WasherThe Glory of God in Moral Purity (Audio) - Paul Washer
    Is your purity glorifying God? Have you tried over and over to be pure and yet still fail? This message is for you! Paul Washer shares to a local body of men about the importance of living for and in Jesus. This isn't something new, but it does re...brministries2015-07-02T13:25:001,149 views01:18:14