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  • 9 year old man - A george puke-us film9 year old man - A george puke-us film
    This is hilarious. George Puke-Us (Get it Film) Nine year old man a shape shifting alien from the planet Zoron. Nine year old man has unreal abilities to distort time and space and alter reality. Nine year old man is a one of a kind super hero and...boulderbuddies2014-03-17T00:05:041,395 views00:01:08
  • Time Lapse Artwork and techno music videoTime Lapse Artwork and techno music video
    This is really cool. Its a collaboration from myself, my son, and my daughter. Its a really cool original techno music song combined with a collection of computer made artwork. So its kind of a time lapse because all the art took several months to...boulderbuddies2014-03-09T03:45:07694 views00:02:35
  • The Butterfly Song For KidsThe Butterfly Song For Kids
    Beautiful 1 minute animated Butterfly song from my movie "The Boulder Buddies" - Enjoy - This is a really pretty and sweet song. boulderbuddies2014-03-09T01:33:471,787 views00:01:08
  • Girl-evil laugh-funnyGirl-evil laugh-funny
    Me and my daughter Haley Evil laughing - 22 seconds of make you laugh!!boulderbuddies2014-03-09T01:27:261,106 views00:00:22
  • Off to Learn - Boulder Buddies - Count to 10 songOff to Learn - Boulder Buddies - Count to 10 song
    This is a scene from my movie, yes an actual 60 minute DVD movie called "The Boulder Buddies Adventures in Learning" - This song is about counting to 10 but in a really cool Latin sounding beat song. Enjoyboulderbuddies2014-03-09T01:24:131,408 views00:01:40
  • Talking Kitty Cat - Billy Get off the keyboardTalking Kitty Cat - Billy Get off the keyboard
    Hey Billy, get off the keyboard. The talking kitty cat has gone where pets are not allowed. "Talking Kitty Cat No Pets allowed" "Talking Cat" "Talking Kitty Cat"

    Meet Billy the talking cat. Get off the keyboard!! Billy is told to get ...
    boulderbuddies2014-03-09T01:14:491,386 views00:02:13
  • The Life of a toothbrushThe Life of a toothbrush
    Just a funny 30 second surprising life of a toothbrush - Laugh - Laughboulderbuddies2014-03-09T01:09:45633 views00:00:37
  • Scariest debt collectorScariest debt collector
    You wanted the "scariest debt collector" - Well here is the worlds "scariest debt collector"

    This is the world's toughest, meanest, debt collector. No matter where you are, UK, US, or China he is there to hunt you down. Five years ago O...
    boulderbuddies2014-03-09T01:04:451,167 views00:00:34
  • Potato Man - The MoviePotato Man - The Movie
    This is hilarious. I took a strange Potato I found in a sack and turned it into a 45 second funny "super hero movie trailer" complete with loud announcer voice and "super hero" music!. He is now a super hero with all the trimmings. Super hero musi...boulderbuddies2014-03-09T00:34:44544 views00:00:43